ComicCon Miscellany


So I still had some miscellaneous pictures from ComicCon lying around, mostly ones that people sent to me after I had started posting, and a few that were cut from the first series of blogs due to my own laziness or stupidity.



Here’s a shot of all the speakers on the author panel, as well as the crowd. There where people standing along all the walls, too. It’s a shame that the 10 panelists plus moderator gave us almost no time to actually talk.


No one else laughed at my opening joke, but I got a pity chuckle from SC Butler. Good lookin’ out, Sam!


My wife Dani teasing and taunting our daughter with chocolate cake. Evil. Now she’ll never eat her mushy peas!


Human tide of nerds. How many times in life can you say you are surrounded by 77,000 people who can all name more than two kinds of kryptonite?


My friend Pete and his daughter Erin. That shirt is priceless. I would get Cassie one, but I don’t want to look like a Johnny-come-lately.


Speaking of Miss Cassafrass, here she is in her Supergirl/Batgirl/Wonder Woman Girl Power! shirt, looking aloof and disinterested at my signing. She’s too cool for school, that one.


Some of the 200+ books I signed that weekend.


Jess AKA Batgirl sent me this pic after the con. I was waiting for her friend Supergirl to sent the one I took with her, but she must have been too busy saving Metropolis. Maybe She was hit with some sort of power blast that vaporized her clothes (along with my business card), but left her Kryptonian body unharmed. That seems to happen a lot.


Me and some of my favorite ladies, Lauren and SueMoe.


ALexa takes a comic break after the rigors of riding around the con in her carriage. Hey, I co-created that comic!

What a coincedence.


I cut this fine couple last time because they had suckass Steel Remains badges, and Richard Morgan is a chump for not coming to the con. I put them back this time because they look cool. I think they’re from the Devil May Cry video game, but I might be wrong.


Thor didn’t have any badge at all, because he was a hired actor posing outside the Marvel booth. Bah.


Me and my dad. Look! We have the same nose. Shame I didn’t get his blue eyes. I hear the ladies love that.


More Youngling Jedi action.


What are you, crazy?! Don’t grab the blade of the laser-sword! Where the heck are this kid’s parents?!


Me and my friend Jill. Jill and I went to high school together, and hadn’t seen each other in 18 years. Another facebook reunion.

Wait a minute… High School was 18 years ago? That’s how old I WAS when I graduated. Good lord. I’m 36.


Anyway, I am pointing at her badge, not her boobs.


Hey, just because I’m 36 doesn’t mean I have to act like it. Hanging out with the Bat-Rogues is way better.


As my buddy Matt said, any other year, this picture would have been the highlight of the con. He’s not wrong. Dawn was sexy as hell, and it was really hard to keep eye contact when I was talking to her. I was going to just stand next to her for the pic, but she came in for me to put an arm around her, and who was I to complain?

Not sure if she had platforms on, or if she was just wicked tall.


Me and Robert VS Redick at the Del Rey afterparty. We’re facebook buds, which is nice, because I really have no other author friends, and other folks don’t always understand the madness we all share.


My friend Ting-Wei came up from DC for the con. She always makes me think of the Darkwing Duck theme. When there’s trouble you call TW.


Supersexy Fotini displaying her Warded Man tatt. Hawt.

In other news, there was another great Warded Man review the other day, this on in The Old Bat’s Belfry. Even though my agent described it as “not very quotable”, I think it was one of the better reviews I’ve read, because the reviewer doesn’t feel the need to recap the story and give away all the major plot points like a friggin’ 2nd grade book report. This is a skill the VAST majority of online reviewers would do well to master. Read the book. Talk about the story in general terms, describe what you liked or didn’t about the storytelling style or the overall themes. DO NOT write a bunch of fucking spoilers so that all the surprises in the book are robbed from anyone who reads your review.

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2 responses to “ComicCon Miscellany”

  1. The review on The Old Bat’s Belfry has been written by Mulluane. She is one of my favorite reviewer. I appreciate her work and trust her discernment.

    Anyway I look forward to read THE WARDED MAN aka THE PAINTED MAN.

    Posted by edifanob, on February 27th, 2009 at 6:20 am
  2. I agree with your comments on reviewers including plot summaries in their reviews. I almost always avoid them, instead I tell readers if they want a plot summary, check out Amazon or the author (or publisher’s) website. I think reviewers should tell readers what they liked and didnt like about the EXECUTION of the story.

    Posted by Jeff C, on February 27th, 2009 at 12:33 pm