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mattfaceHello, fans and friends of Peter V. Brett!

That’s seems a bit wordy. Would you mind if I call you Peatlings? Actually, forget that. It suggests you’re all a bunch of tiny Peats, and that would just be creepy. I’ve got it–The Warded Fans! So…

Greetings, Warded Fans!

My name is Matt and I will be guest-hosting this post while your regular host catches up on some much needed work. And sleep. And family time. Put it this way–the man is swamped, and if you ever want to read The Desert Spear, you’re going to have to afford him a short break from blogging. But that doesn’t mean YOU need to take a break from the blog.

Being the great friend to Peat that I am (I may not rate a Sam, but on a scale from Gollum to Gandalf, I’m at least a Merry or Pippin), I offered to kick off another contest. Feel free to write a haiku about it, but this contest will be all about fantasy casting the movie that we’re all hoping is coming soon out of the recently announced Paul WS Anderson movie option.

The rules are simple:

Peat has selected the 4 main characters and 6 supporting characters from The Warded Man who he is most excited to see on film, and he wants you–his Warded Fans–to do your best job of playing armchair casting director with them. You can only pick one actor for each role (feel free to include a web address to either their IMDB page or some other site where anyone unfamiliar can check them out). The winner and runners-up are going to be chosen at the end of the month, based simply on whomever Peat decides has the best cast.

Bonus points if you provide a little insight into WHY you pick who you pick. The best why to win is to convince Peat that your cast is the best!

And speaking of the names, here they are:


Supporting characters:


You’ll also get extra credit if you cast more than the 10.

Prizes: The 1st Place Winner will get to choose from the following: signed Warded Man Hardback, signed German TPB, and signed UK Paperback. 2nd and 3rd will get one of the two books that remain.

I’ve been trying to convince Peat to also offer up his used copies of Milla Jojovich’s Divine Comedy CD and the first Resident Evil DVD as part of the prize package, but I don’t think he’s willing to part with either.

But still–good luck!

Oh, and if this still isn’t enough to tide you over until Peat is back to a regular blogging schedule, feel free to check out MY website, NoΒ  Cure for Comics.

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  1. -sigh- Good thing I just read the book for the fifth time.

    Isn’t this what we have been attempting on the facebook discussion group for months now? Head start right there.

    Thanks for the update on the Man Himself.

    Oooh and awesome comic by the way! Poor Peat.

    Posted by Lo, on August 9th, 2009 at 2:16 pm
  2. Thanks for helping out, Matt. I know Peter appreciates it. Great cartoon of Peter and Cassie. TPM picture, though, gave me the creeps.

    My thoughts are with you. Hope you’re o.k.

    Posted by De, on August 9th, 2009 at 2:49 pm
  3. I’m obviously not playing for prizes, but I’m still definitely playing…

    First the supporting cast:

    RAGEN: Dominic West (see 300, The Wire…usually plays smarmy, but is due a chance to turn that into heroic. For whatever reason, he is who I had in my head when reading this part in the novel.)

    COB: Ray Winstone (see The Departed, Sexy Beast, Beowulf…burly older badass)

    ELONA: Lucy Lawless (see Xena Warrior Princess…but she’s older now, and would pull off the Leesha’s bitter skank of a mother)

    ELISSA: Rhona Mitra (see Underworld 3…she’d totally do this flick, and would be more age appropriate to be Ragen’s beloved than the younger Leesha or older Elona)

    BRUNA: Tilda Swinton (Constantine, Michael Clayton…WTF–she’s not even old?! I know, right? But she’s awesome and should be in every movie, so just stick her in some granny make-up with a little CGI wrinkling, so she can be convincingly aged, but most likely survive to be cast in any sequels if necessary. Also, I can’t think of any good old lady actresses)

    ARRICK: Simon Peg (see Shaun of the Dead, Run Fatboy Run…has the comedic timing and charisma to play a convincingly successful entertaining who also happens to be a terribly flawed womanizing drunk)

    Now the stars:

    ARLEN: Ben Foster (X-Men United, 30 Days of Night, Pandorum…I had this epiphany after watching the trailer for PWS Anderson’s upcoming movie Pandorum that Ben Foster, who usually plays a tweaking, twitching, psycho or weasel, could play against type, bulk up a bit, shave his head, and ink up to play the enigmatic demon-slaying madmen The Painted Man with more intensity and depth than any pre-muscled pretty boy actor you’d think to cast first)

    LEESHA: Megan Fox (see every tabloid and entertainment magazine…because she is huge now, guaranteed box office, and in need of a role that tests her acting range. Also, I can’t think of anyone else right now…)

    ROJER: Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter films…a fumbling, bumbling, boy compared to Arlen, but there’s a hero inside him somewhere, maybe)

    JARDIR: Stumped. I can’t think of any Arab/Middle Eastern actors who would look the part of the most powerful man in Krasia, or anyone I know who could even PLAY that role. Gotta research this one a bit.

    CORELINGS: Doug Jones (see Hellboy series, Pan’s Labyrinth…the man behind so many monsters in recent films, Doug could do the motion capture for every beasty that isn’t a Jurrasic-sized animatronic, and then he can play actual costumed corelings to help sell the hand-to-hand combat scenes)

    Posted by Matt, on August 9th, 2009 at 4:04 pm
  4. Megan Fox should play everybody.

    Posted by Myke, on August 9th, 2009 at 7:39 pm
  5. […] Peaphole (the blog, what were you thinking?) and has posted a new, excellent contest – time to get your casting calls in! I’ll be entering, too, of […]

    Posted by Links and News! « Davebrendon’s Fantasy & Sci-Fi Weblog, on August 10th, 2009 at 6:43 am
  6. Well,once again a very nice contest. I thought very long and very hard about my cast and I still don’t know, if I’m satisfied or not. But I think, I did very well for now and for my own requirements. I have,at times, two possibilities but I hope this isn’t against the rules and will after all increase the assortment. So this is it:

    -David Tennant ( (see Doctor Who series and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire…he, in my opinion can play everything he wants, he is a genius by nature and very multifarious. Give him the script and he will blow you away)
    -Rufus Sewell ( (see Tristan+Isolde…a fitting face, noble and strong but not too pompous)

    Cob should be a fantasy-experienced actor such as Jeremy Irons or John Rhys-Davies. The benefit would be that their experience would ground the atmosphere at the set. They could be contact persons for the young ones and help them to gain from their experience.

    -Rhona Mitra (switched her from Matts post…she has a strong and demanding look, which would qualify her for the draconian mother of Leesha)

    -Michelle Monaghan ( (she looks sweet,has a warm heart and I could imagine finding her likeable if I were Arlen. The part with the sense of responsibility should fit her also.)

    -Tilda Swinton (
    (she has the aura of a witch and looks like one with her pale skin and the redish hair. She would fit old Bruna very well. I can almost imagine her in a black coat, hunched over to gather some herbs:))

    Arrick had been a very hard choice. I thought about Matts suggestion of Simon Pegg, but he seems a little bit too vivid for that part to me.
    So i picked for one Mads Mikkelsen ( (see King Arthur…looks a little greasy which would fit for the drunk part and has kind of bedroom eyes which would fit the ladies;))
    Another possibility would be Kevin Durand ( (chose him mainly because of his looks^^)

    Now we move on to the main body:
    I had two actors in mind who played in Kingdom of Heaven:
    Ghassan Massoud ( and Alexander Siddig (
    Both of them are middle eastern actors and they should be familiar with the costumes and how to wear them (as I said they played Saladin and his right hand in Kingdom of Heavens) but they both are not the youngest, which would be a problem maybe…

    As Matt sugessted, Rupert Grint. He would be just awesome for the role.I can imagine him to play the fearsome heroic with the fiddle, responsible for the welfare of Leesha)

    -Sophia Myles ( (see From Hell, Underworld, Tristan+Isolde…she is a beauty and has an honest face, she looks strong in mind and intelligent. That’s what Leesha is for me.)

    Well now,this once again is not easy. I for one, would suggest that one should take a new and unwritten face for the role, because I don’t like it when someone talks about a movie and you hear like hey I know him,he played in …
    That would put back the role of Arlen. (Cast me, I would do it:))
    But I know, you need a face and so I have three possibilities for you:
    -Ray Park ( (played Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode 1 and is therefor familiar with painting the body. Also he can look like a madman,which would be nice for the fights against the demons. Let him gain a few muscles but let it not be brawny and you have your Arlen)
    -Kevin MacKidd ( (one knows him definitely from Grays Anatomy but I discovered him while watchin a tearjerker with my girlfriend called Made of Honor. He played a scotsman and looked so strong,that i thought he might have the body for playing Arlen, if he has the mind/skills for it, I don’t know,because he looks a little too friendly maybe)
    -Joakim NΓ€tterqvist ( (my insider tip:he’s a Swedish actor who played in Arn: The Knight Templar. He looks very well, even covered in blood,is a little melancholic and definitely a lone wolf. Fits Arlen marvelous so far)

    Last but not least I want to add another character to the cast,which is Renna Tanner:
    Renna wouldn’t have much screentime in The Warded Man, but with regard to filming The Desert Spear in the future, her role would increase.
    Now, I would love to see Rupert Grints on-screen sister Bonnie Wright (played Ginny Weasly in the Harry Potter series) in the role of Renna. Bonnie is such a sweet girl to watch on the screen that she should be in every movie:)

    So, that is my cast so far, hope you enjoyed reading it through and that you consider it seriously;)

    Greetings, Jan

    Posted by Jan, on August 10th, 2009 at 10:29 am
  7. Hi Peter,
    first of all, I must say it’s great that you have your own webiste. I like it. A lot πŸ™‚
    Man, I must tell you that you wrote a good book! “Painted Man” is the one of my favourite fantasy books by now. Great action, the second volume was sooo exciting! [I said volume, coz in Poland, as you possibly now, it was published in two parts – not fair, coz I had to wait for second part for 3 months πŸ™ They had cut first one while Arlen was fighting with One-handed deamon for the second time. That was so annoying!] I wait for your next book, it promises very well πŸ™‚
    You must know, that even my mother started to read “Painted Man”! That’s a holy day, coz my mom doesn’t read books at all. Particularly fantasy books. And she likes it πŸ™‚ Amazing, amazing.
    Keep going Peter, you are well-gifted πŸ™‚
    Cheers, Patrick

    Posted by Patryk Wolski, on August 10th, 2009 at 5:30 pm
  8. Just finished the book a couple days ago. Absolutely awesome! Looking forward to the second. My picks for actors:

    Arlen – Chris Hemsworth. Kirks dad that gets blown up at the beginning of the new Star Trek and Thor in the upcoming Thor flick. Fits the right age too.

    Leesha – Odette Yustman. Cloverfield, The Unborn. Absolute bombshell and a decent actress.

    Rojer – Christopher Carley. The priest from Gran Torino. He has the young face and fits Rojer’s description really well.

    Jardir – Oded Fehr. The Mummy, Resident Evil 2 and 3,

    Bruna – Sonje Fortag. Just look at her! She’s built to play an old hag. Beowulf, Christmas Carol, Tin Tin.

    Arrick – Paul Bettany. The imaginary friend from Beautiful Mind, and bard type character on Knight’s Tale, which is similar to Arrick’s character. He’s a good actor that would fit Arrick’s profile really well.

    Ragen – Tommy Flanagan. The scarred face man from Braveheart, Sin City, and Gladiator. A good actor that could easily play any Messenger.

    Elissa – Michelle Monaghan. Lead female in Eagle Eye, Tom Cruise’s girl friend in Mission Impossible 3. (Crazy, I wasn’t sure about this one so I looked at what others put and saw Jan put the same person!)

    Cob – James Cosmo. The dad that has his hand chopped off in Braveheart. He plays the role of old, retired soldier/warrior really well.

    Elona – Monica Bellucci. Total milf, great actress, could totally pull off a bitchy mom.

    Posted by Chad Vernon, on August 11th, 2009 at 1:16 am
  9. I didn’t want to just pick an actor I was unfamiliar with based solely on his race, but I forgot about Oded Fehr. Great choice for Jardir — and clearly already has a connection to the PWSA movieverse.

    Monica Belucci as Elona is a smart pick, as well.

    Posted by Matt, on August 11th, 2009 at 11:19 am
  10. I read this post the day after it came out, and I thought: “Nice! I see the people I’ll recommend for this in my head!” Needless to say, those people didn’t exist, so I had to find close substitutes for them in real life. That was easier said than done!

    For the part of Bruna I recommend Imelda Staunton (, with a bit of make up she could be good, but not perfect. Another choice is Betty White ( who might also be a good candidate for the role.

    For the part of Arrick I’d recommend Colin Firth (, not only because he has some form of musical ability in him, but because I think he’s a brilliant actor.

    For Ragen, I agree with Jan, David Tennant ( would make a brilliant Messenger.

    Julie Bowen ( would in my mind make a good Elissa, because she has the warm face that embodies the character for me.

    For the role of Elona, I would recommend Nicole Kidman ( She will be able to play the part brilliantly and she would make a perfect mother to my choice of Leesha.

    For the main cast, wow! Not an easy choice!

    Jake Gyllenhaal ( He does not have the bulky build that some actors have, and he has a good background in acting. Donnie Darko, Jarhead and the upcoming Prince of Persia movie. I think he would be perfect for the role.

    For Leesha I’d choose Alison Lohman ( Look at the pictures, she’s just gorgeous. The combination of her and Nicole Kidman as mother and daughter would just be great!

    I have to agree with the Rupert Grint ( nomination for Rojer. He fits the character really well.

    Jardir was a mission. I finally have to settle with Oded Fehr ( Matt you were right, he would be a great choice!

    Posted by Lood, on August 13th, 2009 at 7:54 am
  11. Keep the ideas coming!

    Posted by Matt, on August 16th, 2009 at 9:16 am
  12. Working on it, got a few more roles to cast!! πŸ™‚

    Posted by Dave, on August 19th, 2009 at 2:51 am
  13. This is hard. I don’t really know the names of many actors, or where I can find a comprehensive list of them with their pictures and past roles.

    All I can say is…
    ELISSA: Felicia Day

    Having her in the film would draw in a ton of gamer/geek/fantasy types.

    Posted by Alex, on August 19th, 2009 at 12:37 pm
  14. I tried posting earlier but it didn’t seem to go through. I have little to add to the above posts, simply because so many suggestions are spot on and better than I could have done.

    However, my one suggestion is:

    ELISSA = Felicia Day

    Felicia Day is the right age and appearance. She would also be very good in a role where she can be an elegant hostess who nonetheless shows undertones of grief and insecurity.
    Last but not least, Felicia has a very strong gamer/geek/fantasy fanbase. This could draw in many additional people to see the eventual film.

    Posted by Alex, on August 19th, 2009 at 2:34 pm
  15. Hi!
    I’ve read the German version within a week. Strong and powerful story. I love it and definitely can’t wait for the German sequel. That’s why I’ve already pre-ordered ‘The Desert Spear’.
    When I heard about movie-thing I was mpre than thrilled.

    So, here are my suggestions:

    BRUNA: Mary Beth Peil

    ARRICK: Jason Patrick

    RAGEN: James Franco

    ELISSA: Shenae Grimes

    COB: Ben Kingsley

    ELONA: Monica Bellucci

    LEESHA: Kat Dennings
    These two look like the perfect mother-daughter bitch-battle to me. πŸ™‚

    JARDIR: Naveen Andrews

    ARLEN: Ed Speleers
    Me thinks the lead role should be someone new and fresh.

    ROJER: Christopher Carley

    Hope you like my list! ;D

    Posted by Mareen, on August 19th, 2009 at 4:44 pm
  16. ARLEN: Ben Barnes, he has that determined look about him as well as the charm I could see in an adult Arlen (post-painted man). He is full of charisma and would suit Arlen very much during his teenage to younger years, my one problem with casting of Arlen is his character seems to change dramatically when he becomes the painted man to the point where one single actor could not do him justice, yet multiple actors would ruin our familiarity. But for an early 20s Arlen I believe Ben could do a wonderful job.

    LEESHA: Anne Hathaway, She has that innocent look that Leesha has but also can play the bitch, the badass and the vunerable when the role calls for it. She is a very attractive woman who can pull off having such looks without looking like a bimbo, she can play the smart woman very well and would compliment the others quite well. She would be my perfect Leesha.

    ROJER: Anton Yelchin, He has that childish goofy face about him which can play the young happy Rojer, but also if you have seen him in Terminator Salvation you can see he can also pull off badass quite well.

    JARDIR: Oded Fehr, with his long hair from the mummy as well as the robes, he fits Jardir very well, there is not many actors that I think could do this role, but Oded as seen in his films can play the fearless leader type like Jardir did at the start, but he is such an great actor he could pull of the betrayal quite well, and to be honest for him to be the symbolic β€œJesus” of Krasia seems like a beautiful image.

    Supporting characters:
    BRUNA: Glenn Close, Glenn can play the bitchy yet loving woman of Bruna very well, she might not be as old as the character but that can easily be rectified. But Glenn has that intimidating look for someone of her age and is someone that people would not be in a hurry to cross.

    ARRICK: John Glover, despite his age, he could play the older Arrick. John has that sort of slick aura about him, that I can imagine sweetsong holding. John can play an amasing drunk and hero equally as well when the time calls for it.

    RAGEN: Jeremy Irons, for an older Ragen towards the end of the novel Jeremy seems to fit quite well. He has that stout look about him that can pull of being the father figure to our beloved Arlen, as shown in Eragon he fits well acting outside of modern times and his face seems to fit where ever he is. Jeremy is strong and powerful and would be a wonderful Ragen.

    ELISSA: Rachel Wiez, although quite abit younger than my Ragen, she seems like she could pull of the role of mother Elissa quite well, she has that feel about her that you cans see she loves to care for someone and could be a nice person to be Arlens mother figure for a small time. The age part actually works in favour of my choosing her, as I always read her as a younger woman in comparison to Ragen but their love knew no bounds on age.

    COB: Sir Ian McKellan, He has got the old master with much to teach yet a full and exciting life back in the day role, perfected. I believe noone else could play this role and be as badass as Ian could.

    ELONA: Sandra Bullock , She can pull of the bitchy yet entertaining woman so well, she would be an amazing Elona to abuse our Leesha.

    Personal additions:

    GARED: Brian Austin Green, he seems big and burly enough to play an adult Gared, ever since I read Gared I pictured Brian in my head.

    STEAVE: Dominic Purcell, nice and large, although smart and talented can play dim very well.

    ABBAN: Omid Djalili, a nice funny man whose who presence seems to be one that can help illuminate the whole area of Krasia.

    MERRICK: Eric Bana, to me Eric seems to have wolfish features. And he can pull of being a big stronger messenger despite being quite small for a man usually in that position.

    Posted by Dwayne, on August 19th, 2009 at 11:11 pm
  17. …I am going to submit my choices eventually. Just taking my time.

    Posted by Lo, on August 21st, 2009 at 2:32 pm
  18. In the absence of anyone else having done it, I’ve decided to provide my list of the CHEESIEST POSSIBLE CASTING. Apologies if that overlaps with anyone else’s genuine efforts…

    ARLEN – Well it’s just got to be Hayden Christiansen hasn’t it? ( I just can’t think of anyone else who will do a better anguished look when he loses his mother, plus when it comes to acting against green-screen, this guy just comes into his own.

    LEESHA – A strong, emotionally mature, chaste female lead who shuns popularity for intellectual pursuits? Well it’s just got to be Megan Fox ( I mean she just screams home values and self-sacrifice from every pore.

    ROJER – Entertaining comedy relief sidekick. Well, he’s going to have to be short so you’ve either got to go with someone who’s been a hobbit before, or just go the whole hog, turn him into a CGI affair, and drive the cute factor to 11. Two years from now he’ll be the backpack of every elementary schoolchild in the western world. My recommendation:

    JARDIR – Now, the most important word here is “swarthy”. Sure you could go with prettyboy Naveen Andrews but I’ve got a much more controversial suggeston:

    Supporting characters:

    BRUNA – Hilary Clinton.

    ARRICK – Self-obsessed drunken fading entertainer. Ooh, too many to choose from here… If you could CGI Rodney Dangerfield in that could have been entertaining, but let’s not stretch the audience’s imagination too far. In the spirit of typecasting let’s go with Will Arnett, Arrested Development’s Gob (

    RAGEN – 9th degree blackbelt in badass and smoothery. Since the release of Ecks vs Sever I reckon you can pick up Antonio Banderas on the cheap for this (

    ELONA- Currently the role of “bitchy mother” is legally protected in the United States, and can currently only be played by Sally Field, but you might be able to get an exemption and do something a little different… Like TINA FEY different?! ( Now, granted, she’s going to have to wear the Sarah Palin glasses and it’d help if Elissa had more children. The scathing political satire is sure to have critics in stitches.

    COB – Please don’t take the easy option of “Generic old white dude with beard and wrinkles”. Not when there’s the equally easy / cheesy option of making wards an obvious parallel to caligraphy and enter stage left… Pat Morita! ( Oh wait, he’s dead? Um… Ken Watanabe? (

    ELLISSA – This is tricky. She has to be cute enough for the teenage boys to like, but it has to be clear she is not as hot at the number one hotness in the movie. How to take cuteness and deflect it from hotness? One word: Elfen. Which I think you’ll agree means Zooey Dechanel (

    You sir, are welcome!

    Posted by Paul, on August 23rd, 2009 at 12:23 pm
  19. Paul, that was hysterical.

    Posted by Peat, on August 23rd, 2009 at 12:40 pm
  20. Paul that was awesome, I was cracking up.

    If I were to do a cheese/Disney safe version. Everyone would be played by Zac Efron.

    Or for a more comedy version, everyone is actually Eddie Murphy.

    Posted by Dwayne, on August 23rd, 2009 at 8:23 pm
  21. Pretty funny, Paul.

    Disney version…YES!
    You’d need Lizzie McGuire/Hilary Duff in there as Bruna.
    Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus as Leesha
    Bring back the old Mickey Mouse club and have Britney Spears be Elona “Bitch, I’m still the prettiest ho.”
    And then Mufasa from the Lion King would be around like “Rawr, Zac Efron! You cut my paw off with those sparkly human things! Rawr! I’m One-Paw! Grr. I will lick your face.”

    Posted by Lo, on August 23rd, 2009 at 8:37 pm
  22. I actually had Miley in mind for Leesha, but noone would be young enough to play Rojer next to Zac and Miley.

    It would be awesome because the movie would have some sort of life lesson. Noone would get hurt.

    Here is the summary of the Disney Version.

    Zac/Arlen is a little boy who wants to live his dream and not held back by his fear of the dark, he later meets Ragen and his jongleur back up dancers, and for some reason the whole village have a sing off even though there was a fire attack (but noone died), Arlen then decides that he wants to be like Ragen, he grows up to be a messenger spreading good news to people in need, until one day he finds the magic pictures that when drawn on his skin will “put the corelings into a deep sleep” when he hugs them tightly. Until he is tricked by the evil magician Jardir(there is always a magician in disney movies) and has to go to the core to get the magical spear of light back. Zac/Arlen goes down into the core and finds out it is some magical paradise where the corelings have families and live like people. He finds the spear and talks to the coreling king, who after they have a sing off and Alren wins, will make the Corelings stop the fighting and everyone hugs each other. Leesha is the back up singer and Rojer the back dancer. The end.

    Posted by Dwayne, on August 23rd, 2009 at 9:14 pm
  23. πŸ˜€ That was epically awesome.

    Jardir…kinda sounds like Jafar…from Aladdin! The evil viser that is Arab and wants the power! YES! SO PERFECT!

    Ooooh man. This is awesome. Everything needs a Disney parody. The Painted Man just got one. Oh snap. It’s definitely official now.

    Posted by Lo, on August 23rd, 2009 at 10:23 pm
  24. Next contest will be to write an original song for “Walt Disney’s Painted Man” animated epic (to be performed by Celine Dion, natch).

    Posted by Matt, on August 24th, 2009 at 12:03 pm
  25. Here are my suggestions, some of which have already been chosen but after seeing them I couldn’t help but agree.

    Arrick – No idea if he can sing but what about Hugh Jackman? I struggled to find a match for Arrick and I’m still unsure I have picked the right actor from the one in my head.

    Bruna – The one and only Dame Judi Dench!
    I would love to see her boss the villagers around, especially Elona. She would need to be padded out a bit though me thinks, Bruna seems quite a portly lady to me.

    Ragen – I love the idea of Owen Wilson playing the messenger. (Although now I’m not sure whether my choice for Arlen would look too old.)

    Elissa – Slight, pretty and blonde – gotta be Reese Witherspoon for me as I think she could do a broody wife very well and be very mothering to young Arlen (Is she to young though?)

    Cob – Christopher Lee was my first choice
    but then an image of Ian Holm (Bilbo Baggins) popped into my head and now I’m torn between them.

    Elona – What a bitch this character is but Angelina Jolie could pull it off, female fans would love to see her play a hated character and the blokes will watch for an entirely different reason.

    Jardir – I first saw him in Sleeper Cell and thought he was brilliant, Oded Fehr as the arrogant, how dare you be better than me, Krasian = superb.

    Rojer – Rupert Grint (Harry Potter’s Ron Weasley would be great and could bring a bit of subtle humour to the unfortunate juggling scenes where poor Rojer gets slated by Arrick)

    Leesha – Anne Hathaway has the innocent look and figure I associate with Leesha and I also think the actress could show the competence and determination seen in the older Leesha really well.

    Arlen – Think this actor was suggested on the Facebook group but I have to agree that Cam Gigandet from the OC would be fantastic (and very nice to look at both pre and post painted)…but is the age a bit wrong?

    (Not on the list)
    Gared – Beefy bully boy that all the other girls in the village want a piece of I think would be Kellen Lutz who played Emmett in Twilight

    Erny – Steve Carell from the 40 Year Old Virgin would be ace as the weak man who finally stands up to his strong willed wife.

    Posted by Lisa Childs, on August 24th, 2009 at 5:17 pm
  26. Loving the Disney idea.

    Some good suggestions there – can’t wait to find out who is actually cast!

    Posted by Kate, on August 27th, 2009 at 5:23 am
  27. ARLEN: Charlie Bewley.

    LEESHA: Anne Hathaway.

    ROJER: I agree with what seems to be the general consensus on this one – Rupert Grint.

    JARDIR: Was really struggling with this but after reading who other people have suggested I think Oded Fehr is perfect.

    BRUNA: Judi Dench.

    ARRICK: Gary Oldman.

    RAGEN: James Marsden.

    ELISSA: Rachel Weisz.

    COB: Kevin McNally.

    ELONA: Catherine Zeta-Jones.

    Posted by Melanie, on August 31st, 2009 at 8:18 am
  28. Oh man, πŸ™‚ Imagining the movie is getting better and better. I’ll be back this afternoon with my picks for the characters in a few hours! πŸ™‚

    Posted by Dave, on September 6th, 2009 at 3:34 am
  29. I vote for Arlen, Leesha and Roger to be complete newbies πŸ™‚

    I’m not a fan of sticking celebrity faces to book characters

    Whoever the cast is though, it won’t matter if they botch the script and effects. If these movie-making folk butcher another good book ….. :'(

    We must cross our fingers that Peat’s word will have a fair bit of weight πŸ˜€

    Posted by Abi, on February 14th, 2011 at 3:53 pm
  30. Even though this contest is long over I’d like to add my opinion on it:
    Some of the characters might me nearly perfectly cast, with others I disagree totally.

    My point in the casting would be to cast most of the main cast with unknown new talents and to fill in the supporting roles with celebraties. I think the characters should be cast for who they are, what they look like and not who of the stars of the last few years looks most like them. That way they will always be remembered as the character and not the actor / actress.

    And one more thing: Rojer should be small and more skinny than muscular so Rupert Grint is out of the race for me, however much I love him in Harry Potter.

    Posted by Flying_Phoenix, on April 7th, 2012 at 8:47 am