Brand New Forum: The Messenger

“Rebecca,” you say, “where can I get up-to-date news and information  about all things in the Peter Brett world? It’s not like we actually have a Messenger like Arlen to bring us news.” *

Well, it’s a good thing you asked, Hypothetical Person, because on the message board a new forum has just been created, called The Messenger.

Whenever there is some big news, it will be posted on the forum (though you should still keep reading the blog for the most information, and amusing entries). These posts will include such things as news about various contests that are going on, or if there is a blog post that will be of interest to everyone because of how great it is.

I’ll also be putting helpful information there, like how to get your signed bookplates from Peter totally for free.

Of course, if you have any information that might be helpful for everyone to know, let me know at

*Disclaimer: Nobody actually said this to me. I just wish they had because it would’ve been convenient for this post.

Posted on March 14, 2011 at 6:00 pm by Karen
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