Sonja Blue Cosplay

Holy crap. Someone actually did a Red Sonja: Blue entry in the Cosplay Contest (ends Monday, August 1!).

This is so awesome, and from Homemade Heroes winner Mia, no less:

Hello. Just when you thought you got rid of me…

When I read about the cosplay, I thought about it more as a what-would-I-do-if-I-could-sew kind of thing. I had a short list of 3: Bruna, Inevera and Red Sonja. You know I love Bruna but I couldn’t work out how to get the face right – don’t have enough wrinkles (yet), no makeup skill to speak of and using a mask feels like a copout. I have about 90% of an Inevera look but my model/niece was sick on our photo shoot date so I shelved that. Another time maybe.

I fell in love with RSB but thought I’d never be able to find the right blue fur so when I did, I had to give it a shot. I also learned to make the outfit without busting out a sewing machine.  There’s 2 sets of photos – couldn’t fit them all in one email. First set is the parts of the whole, second set contains full and action shots. I’ll let you pick and choose. I prefer taking pics to being in them so a friend graciously volunteered to pose for the photos.

Couldn’t do a location shoot with NYC such a furnace right now (& blue fur isn’t summer wear). Did it Indoors but furniture, fixtures, etc. kept sneaking in the shots so I removed all background and used a page of RSB as a backdrop

Apart from the essential blue fur, Sonja has — red/black wig (hard to find a full red one in the right shade), a not-so-long sword and sheath, a dagger (kitchen knife really), homemade thigh strap with hand skeleton holder, a whip of sorts, wrist and bicep bangles, brown boots.  Lastly, I wanted to include the iconic chainmail bikini somehow so there’s half a bikini top in some shots as a reminder that it’s broken. Besides, RS has to bring it back for repairs, right? It doesn’t show as well as I’d like in the photos but it’s the sparkly bit on the belt in some shots and is sort of featured in the last 2 in this email, sort of reenacting the moment it broke

I tried to do her justice, but I must confess it’s a bit more Project Runway than I’d like.

— Mia

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    This is so cool! Going with the comic page as a background was a great decision. 😀

    Posted by Margherita, on July 29th, 2011 at 3:32 pm