Got a Minute?

If so, check out this new interview with yours truly over on Fantasy Faction. It’s really a great one, as Marc the interviewer has read all my stuff and asked pointed, detailed questions. I gossip about characters’  love lives, discuss my writing style,  fans, the movie deal, and talk quite a bit about The Daylight War.

Speaking of Daylight War, I have turned a corner in the writing, switching from Inevera’s story arc, which is more or less done, and on to Leesha and Rojer’s. As I did, I immediately fell back into a comfortable rhythm with the loveable cast of characters around them.

This was a series of tweets I put out the other day which kind of speak for themselves:

No idea how much I’d missed Gared, Wonda, Erny & Elona till I started writing them again. They should have their own sitcom.

Gared enters. [applause] “I just chopped down a dozen trees! With my face!” [Laughter]

Elona: “Your father would have done it with his cock. Isn’t that right, Ernal?” [Laughter/applause]

Erny: “Yes, dear.” [Audience: “Awwww”]

Next week on The Hollowers: Wonda wears a dress to the Solstice dance to impress Callen Cutter. Hilarity ensues.

One more thing to throw on the gigantic pile of fun projects I will never have time for.


Speaking of which, I would kind of like to write up the 334 AR International Deliverer Debates:

Ahmann Jadir: “I’d like to take this opportunity to attack Arlen Bales on being a flip-flopper. First he’s for Sharak Ka, the war to end all wars, but then he’s against it. Sure, he calls you greenlanders heroes now, but it wasn’t three years ago he was spitting in the dust and calling you all cowards.”

Arlen Bales: “What my former friend isn’t telling you is that the Damaji are going to raise taxes to support a quagmire ‘Daylight War’, the whole purpose of which is to come and take your spears away. They also want to replace the Herb Gatherer healthcare system our communities depend on with a dama’ting-based “Sharum only” system. It’s bad for our seniors, and bad for Thesa.”

Moderator: “Mr. Bales, some sources are reporting that you lived in Krasia and even attended an Evejan Sharaj for several years. Do you have any comment on this?”

If you enjoyed the interview, check out some of the other awesomeoness Fantasy Faction has under their “Peter V. Brett” article tag.

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4 responses to “Got a Minute?”

  1. Interviewer: Ms Tanner, given the recent prominence of both the Herb Gatherer party and the Dama’ting party and their ability to solidify the claims of either party, many people are crying out for a female Deliverer candidate. Have you considered running for the position?

    Renna: No comment.

    Interviewer: What are your views on the speculation that Leesha Paper may put herself forward for-

    Renna: No comment.

    Posted by Daniel Schealler, on October 1st, 2011 at 7:16 pm
  2. Heh, so much awesome in so little a space. I think the Deliverer Debates are something I could sit down and watch for an hour. Should totally add that to your list of projects!

    Great interview and some interesting titbits, cool to see how far along the book is. Speaking of; out of curiosity, now that you’ve moved into the more comfortable voices of previous characters, does that mean you’ll write faster, or at the same speed? I can imagine arguments for both [and slower, to be honest], so I’m just curious =).

    Is it odd that every time you talk about the movie, I get goosebumps?

    Posted by Elicius, on October 2nd, 2011 at 7:40 am
  3. Was an absolute pleasure… although as a fan it just made me need book 3… and seeing how much I needed book 3 already, I’m not sure it was good for my health. I’m going to start getting shakes soon!

    Posted by Fantasy-Faction, on October 2nd, 2011 at 11:06 am
  4. this first interview is great! I really ejoyed reading it!

    Posted by Flying_Phoenix, on October 4th, 2011 at 3:22 pm