Fan Art Contest: The Greenland Krasian

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Another entry to the fan art contest! An awesome photo manipulation of fan Lorenzo fighting a rock demon. Here is what he had to say:

Hello Peat and the team!

This is my fan art submission for the latest fan art contest. It’s a photo manipulation of me fighting a rock demon. Since I couldn’t dress up as an actual character, I thought I’d create my own. I actually wrote a tiny fan fiction back story for this guy here.

He’s a khaffit – born Krasian who somehow made it out of the desert with a Messenger. He grew up in Miln and eventually became a Warder. I would like to think he was one of Ragen’s ‘warder/servant spies’ during Arlen’s visit to Duke Euchor. It was due to this event (and also some of the Jongleurs tales) that he got inspired to paint himself and also fight the corelings. Age 22 as of 333 AR. ^_^

Cheers! Lorenzo “Orey” Gallardo

Your avid fan from the Philippines. 🙂

Thank you, Lorenzo, for entering! I love that you created a whole new character and fit him into the universe. Great job!

Want to enter the contest? There is still time! Send in your fan art by 11:59pm on December 31, 2011. You can check out the rules here.

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