Demon Fan Art

Posted by Meg Luke Fielding, who you might remember from a past Fan Art post, left this fine creature on Peat’s Facebook the other day. I think this one takes the cake for being the most terrifying rendition of a rock demon. Look at those claws! Thank you to Luke for his incredible artistry! Some new fan […]

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Serbian Cover for The Warded Man

Posted by Meg Just released is the striking cover for Noc Demona, the Serbian version of The Warded Man. The book just came out in Serbia, and they just purchased the rights to The Desert Spear. You can read a sample of Noc Demona here.

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Shadow Ops: Control Point Giveaway Round 2!

Posted by Meg That’s right! Here are three more chances to win FREE autographed copies of Myke Cole’s debut novel Shadow Ops: Control Point. In addition to an autographed paperback copy of the book, the winners will receive beautiful challenge coins. To see the original post by Myke, click here. To win a copy of […]

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A Very Happy Birthday

Last week was my birthday (39, I have one year left in my 30’s!) and I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of well-wishes from friends, family, and readers all over the world via Facebook, twitter, e-mail, and the like. Literally hundreds of them. Sometimes writing feels like the loneliest gig on the planet, but once in […]

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Italian Interview

Posted by Rebecca and Meg A blog in Italy, by the name of Wonderful Monsters (yes, the name is actually in English), did a cool interview with Peat about Il Guardiano dei Demoni, the Italian version of The Painted Man. You’ll find some cool stuff in this interview, specifically what Peat thinks about all of […]

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