Posted by Meg If you are paying attention to Peat’s Twitter, you may have noticed the creation of a new “bot” this past month. The douchebot. In a tweet, Peat called the spam-bot that incorrectly corrected his use of the word “you’re” a douchebot. That’s when Howard Taylor, author of Schlock of Mercenary and co-author of […]

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Cage Match Round 3: Jardir versus Moiraine Damodred

Posted by Meg Jardir has made it through some brutal battles, and it’s because of all the fans out there who believed in him enough to vote that he would win! Now, he has made it to Round 3 where he is up against a formidable opponent … But first, let’s review our favorite warrior’s battle history: […]

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Boskone 2012 and @scalzi Portrait!

Posted by Meg Peat went to Boskone 49 last month and had a blast. (Books are not the Hammer) Picture of Peat from the Character & Hard SF panel. From left to right: Bud Sparhawk, Eileen Grayhawk, Catherine Kramer, Captain Hammer You can also check out a fan’s account of weekend. For more pictures, taken […]

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Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Posted by Meg It’s always exciting to see more bloggers reviewing and talking about Peat’s books for the first time. Here are some brand new reviews from some great blogs. A Lot of Pages gives The Warded Man a glowing review and is one of the better summaries I’ve seen that talks about all three story […]

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Reddit Ask Me Anything Tonight at 8-10pm EST

Posted by Meg As you may already know, Peat will be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit tonight, March 14, from 8-10pm EST. You can post questions throughout the day or log in later to ask questions live! Want to participate but don’t know how? Here’s how it works: 1. Create a username […]

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