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Reddit Ask Me Anything Tonight at 8-10pm EST

Posted by Meg As you may already know, Peat will be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit tonight, March 14, from 8-10pm EST. You can post questions throughout the day or log in later to ask questions live! Want to participate but don’t know how? Here’s how it works: 1. Create a username […]

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Hungarian Book Sale, Blog Spotlights & Ask Me Anything

Posted by Meg As Peat noted in his Birthday post, the rights to The Warded Man has been sold to the Hungarian publisher Könyvmolyképzo Kiadó. And on Peat’s birthday no less! Head over to the publisher’s website for updates. Also, here are some articles with the spotlight on Peat! Read about Peat’s adventures in New York […]

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