Fan Art: From Arlen to Rojer to Wonda

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German fan Jones sent Peat an excellent set of drawings covering just about all my favorite characters and a variety of corelings! Check out his fantastic art and captions:

So, the first picture, Arlen’s Fight, shows the main actors of that special scene – Arlen and that rock demon

The second one is a little sketch of Arlen and his giant horse (I love that beast, btw)

The third one shows Leesha

The forth one is a version of Rojer and his fiddle, but that’s not ready yet. I think i’ll hav to do something about his face and the fiddle, and that hair is … processing

And the last drawing is a zoom version of pic 1, it shows the leg, that is going to be cut off by the Magic of Arlen’s transportable circle

Wonda, I used the cover of The Hunger Games Soundtrack “Songs from district 12 and Beyond” by James Newton Howard as “model”, to check the proportions of the face. The symbols below her are all fighting symbols, what is meant to show her fighter’s nature.

The next pictures are zoomed versions of the Wonda-Image,

The arrows in her quiver

The arrowtip with a Cutting Symbol

And the quiver with Protection Symbols

A flame demon

A shore / bank demon

And a water demon (not ready yet)

Incredible job, Jones! I love the depiction of Arlen fighting the rock demon, and I especially love the detail of the Wonda portrait with her warded quiver and arrows. Great job!

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  1. Love the shape of the Flame Demon! Just how I imagined it

    Posted by Jay Merritt, on April 24th, 2012 at 12:11 pm