Create Your Own Coreling Entry: Leaf Coreling

Posted by Meg

This entry comes from Kym, who has done some incredible entries in the past. In fact, she was the grand prize winner of the most recent Fan Art Contest. You can check out more proof of Kym’s awesomeness here.

Hello, Its great you are having another contest, they are a lot of fun. Here is my entry of a Leaf Coreling with a story, description and photos. After its adventures in the garden, the Leaf Coreling was mounted for display on a plaque.



These shaded woods seem like a good place to set some rabbit snares. I hear a soft sound, “chirp, cheep, CRICK”. Looking around but not seeing any animals, I continue setting snares. “CRICK!” right above me. I look up at what appears to be a baby bird, large eyes bright yellow face, rather ugly for a bird. I laugh and, offering it a twig, say, “hungry little guy?”. The ‘bird’ slowly opens it’s beak into a grotesque grin revealing row upon row of needle like teeth. Stepping back, it makes another noise, a low growl.

Before I can turn around, a large wolf knocks me to the ground. I can feel its breath on my neck, hear it’s teeth snapping in anticipation. A loud “Chirrrp!”, and the ugly bird has jumps onto the wolf, moving so fast I have trouble seeing it through the fur flying in the air. The wolf is reduced to bones in mere minutes, and I am left facing my unlikely hero.

“Uh…thank you…” I say as I extend my hand towards the creature. It grins wider, and I notice its body is not that of a bird’s, and it’s elongated head is now throbbing. The creature lunges at my hand, nipping off a few beakfuls before I can snatch my hand back. Frantically, I glance around and see the leaves unfurling around me; the trees are riddled with the beaked horrors. I scream and the creatures roll up into leafy clumps, squeezing their eyes shut. I take this chance to run for it, crashing through the woods, ignoring the branches scratching my face.

I stumble into the sunshine at the woods edge and collapse. The creatures have stopped their pursuit, but I can hear a rustling. I quickly scan the tree line, and I see that first little beast, with blood still on its beak, caught in one of my snares. It grins and I grin back, an idea forming in my mind. I swing a heavy log down on the creature several times, it’s like trying to squash a large spider. The creature goes limp, closing it’s eyes, I wrap it in my shirt. This creatures body may be worth something to that woman the messengers talk about from the Hollow.

Back home, resting in bed, I think back about the day’s close calls. I recall how I smashed that small coreling; a smile forms on my lips and I say to the wrapped bundle in the corner of the room, “who’s grinning now?”. Chuckling I close my eyes, drifting off to sleep…


Kym Biviano

Leaf Coreling

Description: A small mottled green coreling that resembles a bird crossed with an insect; it lives in social clusters and can be found day or night in shaded woods. Even though it comes out in shaded woods, it is still vulnerable to sunlight and will burn up like other corelings if not protected from the light. It is more closely related to mind corelings than wood corelings. It has multiple rows of needle-like teeth, a tail that splits into four tendrils and razor sharp, leaf like spikes on its elbows, heels and the back of its hind legs. It has chitin armor plating on its back and venomous spikes on its inner two tails.

Behaviour: It hops like a cricket. It is extremely fast and uses telepathy to alert others of its kind when prey is near. It lures adult birds close with its chick like face and chirping calls. It then leaps upon them and swiftly devours the unfortunate birds. It uses its long arms to grip tree braches; its feet are round and heavy for slamming into prey when they leap. It can roll into a leafy looking ball and will do so if it hears loud pitched sounds; the sound disrupts their telepathy and appears to cause some pain. Camouflage is its first line of defense even if you know they are near, they can be extremely difficult to see when rolled into a leafy cluster.

Thank you to Kym for sending in this new breed of coreling! Have any ideas of your own? Don’t forget to submit to the Create Your Own Coreling Contest by 11:59pm on May 18, 2012. For more details, check out the rules here.

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  1. That is really fantastic!

    Posted by mia, on May 7th, 2012 at 9:00 pm
  2. This leaf demon looks pretty scary but awesome.

    Posted by Jonathan Kevin Castillo, on July 15th, 2012 at 10:07 am