Transcript for SFFWRTCHT

Posted by Meg Last week, Peat joined SFFWRTCHT (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Chat) for a live interview conducted over Twitter. Sad you missed out? The host, Bryan, has graciously posted a transcript of the conversation on his website, so now you can see what Bryan and other Twitter users were dying to ask Peat.┬áRead […]

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Desert Spear MMORPG Video

Posted by Meg A group of Polish fans have created a MMORPG video of their Desert Spear guild. It’s pretty epic. I would advise checking it out …

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Writing Fantasy – How and Why

Posted by Meg Being a speculative fiction writer can be tricky any time of the year. Here is a collection of intriguing and inspiring articles to get you thinking about genre, publishing and what it takes to navigate the world of professional writers. All while writing the thing you love most: fantasy. Lev Grossman, author […]

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Signed Desert Spear Giveaway on Reddit Fantasy

Posted by Meg I don’t know if you can tell, but Peat’s excited about giving away a signed, hardcover version of The Desert Spear (spear not included). Want a chance to win it?┬áThen hop on over the current giveaway on the Fantasy sub-Reddit and answer one, simple question: Which evil fantasy character have you suddenly […]

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Rock Demon Fan Art

Posted by Meg Some amazing new fan art popped up on Deviant Art the other day. None other than a rock demon. Thanks to Shiverglass for creating and posting on Deviant Art! I love the detailed shading … and that expression! As Peat said, smug but terrifying.

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