The Hexa Demon

Posted by Meg

Here is another awesome demon found in the comments on the original Coreling Contest post. Since it was posted after the deadline, it is not eligible for the contest, but that doesn’t make any less awesome.

The Hexa demons are all the same size and shape, they are 1 foot by 1 foot hexagonal tubes that are often found near volcanos. They have taken their shape and size to camouflage themselves with the basalt stone columns that grow near volcanos.

Each Hexa has 6 limbs, all can be used as feet or hands. Each of their hands are six pronged claws capable of grasping objects with enhanced dexterity, running with speed along the ground or up or down cliffs. Their favorite pass time when they are not maiming any living thing is cartwheeling down sheer cliffs. Their eyes are their only weakness; they have two eyes similar to a fish’s, one eye on each side of their body. This creates small blind spots on each of their sides.

Individually, the Hexas are easily fought, however on mass they will easily over power the stoutest fighter. With their six limbs they will launch themselves at you, grabbing you with as many limbs as they can, weighing your body down with their spare limbs, they will tear chunks of flesh from your body. The sight of blood will send them into a rage induced furry making them even more violent and vicious like the sharks of the ocean.

Although they have no mouths it is theorised they take sustenance through their limbs. With no mouths, they can’t make noise as the other demons can, however through slapping their bodies, rubbing their arms together and even making clicking and clapping sounds, they can communicate efficiently. Before they attack, they often make eerie humming noises to scare their intended victims by vibrating their limbs in harmony.

When threatened, they can form defensive or offensive structures by holding the hands of their brothers and sisters, working with one mind to achieve their goal. They can form basic shapes or even bipedal monstrosities, with enough Hexas, working together they can make any shape.

Thank to Bruce for posting! These Hexa’s limbs sound terrifying. I will stay out of arm’s reach for sure.

We have two more entries to post (tomorrow!) and then we will announcing the winners this Thursday June 7th!

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