A Living Fog

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We are almost there! Our second to last entry comes from Gianna. Introducing … the Shadow Demon. Winners will be announced this Thursday, June 7th.

Hello Peter,

My name is Gianna and I want to start off by saying that I am in love with your novels. They are some of the best books I’ve read in a long while. You are a very talented writer and I cannot wait until your next book is out. Here is my entry along with a photo I made of my demon. I hope you like it.


On the darkest nights, when the neither moon nor stars can cast their light onto the land of Thesa, rare and ancient creatures rise from the Core: shadow demons. When the clouds hang in the sky like a thick blanket, shadow demons arise in the forests and mountains of Thesa. Shadow demons are never seen in the deserts of Krasia and like to conceal themselves in foul weather like heavy rain when they stalk their prey.

Shadow demons are large dog-like creatures; their heads reaching to the chest of most grown men. They are thin with long legs making them nimble and swift. Pray one never finds himself in the presence of a shadow demon while on foot, its long legs enabling it to catch up even the fastest horses. Dark, jagged, scales that resemble black obsidian stones cover their body. Shadow demons have two long whip-like tails that they to lash out at its target. It has a long muzzle with yellow razor sharp fangs that protrude from its mouth, two large canines are used to grab hold of their prey; their bite releasing deadly venom. Shadow demons have glowing red eyes and small spike-like protrusions line the contours of its face. Thick dark shadows billow around this demon like a living fog.

Unlike most Corelings, attacking at first chance, shadow demons are cunning and silently pursue their prey until the opportune moment to strike. Shadow demons prefer sneak attacks opposed to frontal assaults. When they stalk their prey the darkness surrounds their bodies completely, allowing them to blend into the natural darkness of the landscape. They then can manipulate the darkness, reaching towards their target like thick tendrils of smoke, and grab onto their prey where they drag the person into the darkness to devour them. If their sneak attack fails they will spring into action and hunt down their prey as do the other corelings.

Their scales are lightweight, making it easier for them to move quickly and avoid attacks, but lack in strength and makes their armor weak. Their biggest weapon is the darkness that they manipulate; wards of light will banish the darkness, leaving the shadow demon unable to use his ability. Once the darkness is no more the weakest part of the creature is its underbelly where the scales are the thinnest.

Shadow demons are rarely seen, but there is only one man that has lived to tell about his encounter. The Warded Man.

Thank you to Gianna for that awesome entry! I absolutely love the picture of the Shadow Demon. Great work!

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