Unfettered Fantasy Anthology

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Want to read a whole anthology of your favorite authors in fantasy while directly helping out a writer in need?

Here is your chance. Freelance writer and webmaster Shawn Speakman beat Hodgkin’s lymphoma through chemotherapy. However, with no health insurance, the treatments made his medical bills skyrocket to $200,000. To remedy this, Speakman and Grim Oak Press are releasing the Unfettered Fantasy Anthology in spring of 2013. The anthology boasts a pretty impressive line-up of the best names in fantasy today.

Some authors will be writing brand new short tales while others, like Peat, will be writing in already established worlds. Peat’s story, Mudboy, is a Demon Cycle side-story originally meant to be part of The Daylight War, but it was removed when it grew too big to include. He’s happy to share the exciting story here.

In addition to Peat, the contributing authors include: Terry Brooks, Naomi Novik, Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, R.A. Salvatore, Tad Williams, Jacqueline Carey, Robert V.S. Redick, Peter Orullian, Todd Lockwood, Kevin Hearne, Mark Lawrence, Steven Erikson, Daniel Abraham, Carrie Vaughn, Blake Charlton, David Anthony Durham, Jennifer Bosworth, Lev Grossman and Shawn Speakman.

So, not only is this a chance to read brand new work by your favorite fantasy authors, but it’s a way to help out somebody in the fantasy writing community. Take a look at the press release below. Or connect to the Grim Oak Press post by Shawn Speakman directly.

The Press Release Goes Live

Peat is extremely honored to be included in the line-up. And I can’t wait to place my order.

I would urge anybody who can to pre-order The Dark Thorn. Not only does it look like a fantastic read, but its proceeds will go to relieving Shawn Speakman’s debt.

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  1. Is it only available in the states?

    Posted by Bad Monkey, on June 11th, 2012 at 8:29 am
  2. It looks you will be able to order the Anthology on Amazon and have it shipped Internationally.

    Hope that helps!

    Posted by megelizabeth, on June 12th, 2012 at 4:13 pm