Cowboy T-Rex Battle

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The epic Cowboy T-Rex Battle began with a simple request at Comic-Con. Fan Jeffrey Petersen (@JeffreyPetersen), wanting to get a little more out of the autograph experience, asked Myke Cole to draw a cowboy riding a T-Rex.

This was what Myke came up with …

Then, Peat got an email from Jeffrey with a more specific request:

Myke drew a cowboy riding a T-Rex on his bookplate. I’m not saying that this is a contest, but do you think you can top that?

And, of course by saying it wasn’t a contest, it became one. Peat brought some realism to his artwork and sent Jeffrey this:

What followed was Peat’s cry of victory as he re-tweeted Jeffrey.

Win. RT @JeffreyPetersen Sorry @MykeCole, but @PVBrett might have you in #CowboyTRexBattle Any authors want to join in?

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