TDW Cover: Elicius & Arthur

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Elicius and Arthur are both veteren contest entrants with a lot of talent. Elicius sends in his entry of Inevera on the shores of Lakton:

Elicius’s thoughts:

I was hoping to invoke Inevera on the shores of Lakton, but I think it mostly comes across as….pinkish? In all honesty, I may have just used it as an excuse to play around in Photoshop for a bit, I hope that’s all right? [It may be sad, but I’m quite proud of figuring out the font, hehe.]

The profile shot photograph is from “TB | Photography”, a friend-of-a-friend & the sky is one of mine.

I am actually a fan of the pinkish background. Makes it feel like sunrise, and the font looks awesome against the colorful clouds.

Elicius sent a second entry as well! Same idea, different result.

Lovely job on both entries!

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Arthur, who has done some pretty kick-ass contest entries in the past, blows us away with his Daylight War cover.

Four characters in one cover! Awesome! I feel like this cover is very cinematic with the dark background and Arlen and Jardir facing off at the top. Beautiful work, Arthur.

We are nearing the end of our entries! The contest winners will be announced this Wednesday October, 31st. Also known as Halloween.

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  1. Love the ensemble cast & mixed styles, Arthur – cool composition.

    [Thanks, also, for the kind words!]

    Posted by Elicius, on October 30th, 2012 at 5:01 pm