DW ARC Contest: Here Come the Entries

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Three new entries for the Video Contest trying to convince Peat to give up a copy of The Daylight War.

First we have Yelie with a very convincing argument as to what she will do if she receives an ARC. Check it out.

The wards and fan art are beautiful and the reason is quite compelling. Check out what Danielle had to say about her entry:

I get great joy from reading these books and although it isn’t anything fancy, here is my submission to the Daylight War ARC contest. I had an interesting time learning how to use a video maker! I would love to get this early since I am on break from school at the moment and when the book releases I will be back in class and forced to put my work aside in favor of reading (seeing as I’m in charge of radiating people you really dont want me distracted do you?!). I honestly can’t say that I deserve this ARC more than any of the other people who entered but I would sure love to have it on my bookshelf to hand down to my kids one day!

Next we have Emmanuel with a typographic trailer.

This was a great idea. It doesn’t feel like we are just reading text, but watching a trailer instead. Fantastic work!

And last, but certainly not least, is Russell of the 62nd Medical Brigade. Check out how the Demon Cycle books made an impact his life.


Awesome video. Sometimes, just hearing people’s stories and thoughts is just as powerful as high-tech visuals. This is one of those cases! Thank you Russell!

To view all of the video entries, head over the the Youtube Playlist for the contest. Don’t forget to like and comment!

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