Tweephole #13

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Here to help you navigate Peat’s tweets!

  • @PVBrett –¬†I exist in a perpetual state of not having time enough to finish what I’m doing while simultaneously being late to my next appointment.
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Whenever I have a contest, I should just save myself the trouble and set aside a prize for @arrhyth_mia.

  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Wow RT @Pogue Crazyamazing photos of what it looks like inside Amazon warehouses during the holidays¬†

  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Incredible entry in the #DaylightWar ARC video contest from Birte in Germany:¬†¬†Still more prizes than entries so far!

  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Untangling Xmas lights always used to be dad’s problem. #NowImDad¬†

  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Washing dishes and I cracked a plate. My brain’s immediate response: “That’s what Bilbo Baggins hates.”
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Foodtown replaced their nice Hostess with some Bimbo:¬†

  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Disney Princesses on Ice. I thought my dad-fu was strong, but this may defeat me.
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Random reader ID’d me in the grocery store yesterday. First time in the wild. I was in full daddy mode and it took a minute to shift gears.
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†My friend @D18matt punctuates his #DaylightWar ARC request video with a hollow threat:¬†

  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Rent late. Venom shows up early. #peterparkerproblems
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Missed Aunt’s birthday party… because I was tied to a chair listening to the Vulture monologue about Metamucil. #PeterParkerProblems
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Costume turned all my shirts pink in the wash. #peterparkerproblems
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†This. RT @JohnAnealio Painfully true comic charts 36-year love/hate affair with Star Wars¬†

  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†That’s right, arteries. I cooked those eggs in bacon grease. Suck it up and deal.
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†A New Hope. RT @thinkprogress Elizabeth Warren has won a seat on the Senate Banking Committee
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Throw up a bit for charity. MT @scalzi $550 from charity pose-off with Jim Hines. I promise AT LEAST ONE NIPPLE:¬†
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Creative people fill the world with joy. RT @JohnAnealio Millennium Falcon Gingerbread Cake!¬†

  • @PVBrett –¬†Some twitter arguments, it’s better to stay out of. #prettymuchallofthem
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†If you are not following @LarryRostant, it is because you hate beautiful art. That’s just science.
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Unicorn piss tastes like hearts and rainbows:¬†

  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†I wonder how much of Maroon 5’s target demographic has ever actually seen/used a payphone.
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Guess it’s not just me… RT @SirPatStew¬†
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Must decide which edition of The Hobbit to read to Cassie. The fancy illustrated one, or the one that changed my life:¬†

  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†I am immune to Santa guilt trips, BTW. At least UNTIL I GET THE MILLENNIUM FALCON HE’S OWED ME FOR THIRTY YEARS!
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†To be fair, had I gotten a Millennium Falcon 30 years ago, this is probably what I would have done with it: MT @undeux¬†

  • @PVBrett – My Polish translator just messaged me to ask if something in Daylight War was a euphemism for handjob. #itwas
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†If I had a Tardis, I would save us all some grief and use it to go back and stop production of that stupid Mayan calendar doomsday movie.
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Started reading The Hobbit to Cassie at bedtime. She was out cold before the fifth dwarf showed up at Bilbo’s door.
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†It begins… RT @FantasyBookCrit The Daylight War by @PVBrett, the book to beat in 2013. A few early thoughts by Liviu¬†
  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Daylight Tour starts in Feb, but if you don’t live near a major city you can pre-order signed books at The Signed Page:¬†
  • @PVBrett¬†–

Far over NewYork streets so cold
Through subway caverns deep and old
I must away on a weekday
To watch some dwarves get back their gold

  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Author D&D game seeks expert treasure hunter with a charitable heart:¬†

  • @PVBrett¬†–¬†Hate the sound of her cough, but there are worse ways to spend a morning than snuggling on the couch watching Brave with a sick child.
  • @PVBrett¬†– “Real gamers don’t share dice. Because that’s how you get diseases.” -Pat Rothfuss

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