Favorite Character Contest: Ashia Cosplay

Posted by Meg

Margherita who awed us with her grand prize-winning Inevera cosplay comes back to, once again, skew the curve.

Back_Weapon_08 (1)

I found it really hard to choose *one* favourite character considering they’re all so fascinating, but I made a final decision. For my entry, I chose to cosplay Ashia. I felt such a sense of pride when discovering she was one of the two mystery fighters killing demons with an unwarded spear. Not only is she brave enough to risk her life against the night, she also has the courage to stand against her unloving husband, a son of the Shar’dama ka. You’d think she had a set of demon balls or something.

Breathtaking. Thank you, Margherita, for putting in so much effort and grace to this character! Wonderfully done!

This is the last entry! To see all the them, check out the Facebook Album. Winners and prizes will be announced later this week.

Posted on September 11, 2013 at 8:00 am by megelizabeth
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