#Shelfie Contest: Last Day!

Posted by Meg

Over the weekend, the #shelfies kept rolling in, via email and Twitter. Here’s some of recent ones we’d like to share:


cobraspideyguy Painted Mans

Creator, it’s like a bomb shelter. Got more Painted Mans than me. RT @cobraspideyguy can’t get them all in!#Shelfie http://t.co/2529cgEI2G

William’s entry comes in via email. He wrote:

Image taken with phone so it’s a bit poor, and is no better for having me in it. Sorry for the glare

Paperbacks are stacked two deep in there. DnD books on the far left. 😉


And another email from Adam:

#shelfie contest

Contest ends today! So, hurry up and pose in front of your books! You can find out all the ways to enter here.

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