More #Shelfies!

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The #shelfie contest is officially closed. We will be announcing the five lucky winners soon. In the meantime, enjoy the latest shelves.

Birte shares a throwback bookshelf pic:

Birte Bookshelf

I found an old picture of my book shelf with my cockatiel on top of my Hogwarts model. I’m afraid it’s a very old picture as in before Warded Man times … couldn’t take a new one since all my books are in Germany and I’m in England.

Andrew via email:

photo (22)

I’m lucky to have a wife that let’s me use an entire room in our apartment just for my books!

From Barktek via email:

bartek shelfie

From Shawn via Facebook:

shawn cook shelfie DW

#shelfie It’s been condensed because apparently my old bookshelf was “ugly” and “rotted” according to my fiance. But she’s marrying me so what does she know. 

Check out more #shelfies on Facebook. And even though the contest is over, feel free to continue posting and sending in pictures of your book collections! They are amazing!

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