#Shelfie Contest: Last Entries Pt. 2

Posted by Meg

Today we are posting the very last #shelfies from the contest. Lots of shelves but very few faces! You can see all the entries over on Facebook.

gemma shelfie

Gemma made room for the essential “booze shelf” in her collection

Ennyli shelfie facebook

Ennyil’s stocking up on Painted Mans

 Glen library facebook

Glen’s got himself a library mini-paradise at his house

Kerri shelfie

Kerri’s got a lot of books here, but she has even more in storage!

Stephan shelfie Stephan library

Late entry, but an awesome one. Stephan sends us his #shelfie from Germany

Fantastic entries, everyone. We will be announcing the winners tomorrow morning, so stay tuned!

Posted on May 8, 2014 at 8:00 am by megelizabeth
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