Warded Man Review: Who Knew Ink Would Be Our Saviour?

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Blogger SplatterGeist recently posted a review of The Warded Man. I am loving the title of the review: Who Knew Ink Would Be Our Saviour? A great subtitle for the series.


The review starts off with a pretty awesome intro written by the blogger. Check it out:

In a world where demons rule the night, reigning supreme only to scurry or burn away at the rising sun, humans cower, weak and frightened, behind peeling wards. In these wards hum the subtle reminders of the old world when a man known as the Deliverer destroyed whole legions of demons with a single swipe, walked among them without fear, tore at them as they would us, and unlike an ordinary man, no physical harm could ever befall him – or so the stories say. With the Deliverer offering us aid in our darkest times against the demons, we humans praised and sang about his deeds, his courage, his prowess in battle. We named our children after him because for a long time, there was peace. The demons were still there, don’t forget, somewhere in the night beyond the limits of our sight, frightened of our saviour.

A few of us thought that they were waiting for something – what, exactly, we couldn’t fathom.

Life carried on, we built cities, dukes rose, the poor begged on the streets. The time of the first demon war was written in our history books and everything in the world seemed at ease. We went out in the dark to deliver supplies to other cities, we worked in the dark to build bridges and roads – the corelings left us to do as we pleased in the dark. We were under the impression that this was how we would spend the rest of our lives with the demons held back. Of course, fate had other ideas and the unthinkable happened.

The Deliverer disappeared.

Catching us unaware, the demons came in a wave of claws and roaring maws, spittle hanging in wet strings from snarling jaws. On that first day, countless of us were slaughtered. Many of us went back to the mud, our last breath leaving our lungs. Others were less fortunate; bit of bone and flesh fed the stomachs of their murderers.

With the demons back in full mass we barely stood a chance against them. We returned to what we knew best; we hid, drew wards, and prayed for the Deliverer to come again and save us.

Except he never did; in his place we watched a robed figure rip the arms off a demon before flinging it at its companions and roaring at them as he tore the creature’s head off. The hooded figure jumped into the fray, attacking more than half a dozen demons with the full moon’s glow illuminating his features; he was a man, if albeit hairless and bore strange markings on his skin and spoke in a hollow voice.

The Deliverer had abandoned us, but there was hope yet that the Warded Man might save us.

The rest of the review follows in  a traditional fashion before closing with this ominous one-liner:

There’s action, suspense, and a whole host of nasty critters out to get you, so be careful and mind the dark.

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