On Pain and Finding Your Center

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A couple weeks ago, a reader left a message on the Facebook Author page. I take the time to read every piece of reader mail I receive, although I don’t always have the time to answer all of them. This one really struck me, though, and I wanted to share it.

Dear Mr. Brett,
I have read the demon cycle books several times, and love them dearly. I owe you a great debt and a compliment you may not have seen as yet. I’m a 34 year old female with a loving husband and supportive family with an enchanting beautiful 4 year old. I have Lupus, and neuropathy. I’ve been on pain medication for half my life. Recently I decided to quite to see how my body was adapting to its pain, and if I was making it worse by making it. In the last three years I’ve also been diagnosed with severe panic attacks. I’ve read hundreds of books and articles on self-healing but one night when re-reading The Daylight War, Inevera is still one of my favorite characters. I admire her strength in the face of fear. And, I thought to myself, maybe when I hurt I should try and find my center, to believe that the pain and fear should blow through me like wind.
Over the past few weeks I’ve practiced this, as silly as it may sound, and to much astonishment, it’s working for me. I used to wake in the morning before my family so I could cry silently as I tried to get out of bed racked with pain so my family didn’t see, now without the aid of medication that dulled my senses to the point I couldn’t even laugh when my daughter Deanerys was silly. I sit up find my center believe deeply the pain is just wind and I’m strong as it blows thru and past me, and I now stand, without medication or tears, and I go about my day, working full time as a boss, and running my family, and being the best mother that my daughter so deeply deserves.
I owe you my deepest gratitude and thanks, I’m sure you may not have meant that in your books but I’ve adapted it to work for me, and am yours eternally grateful,
Mrs. Jennifer Dennis
Waiting patiently for Arlen and Ren’s next move.
Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for such a sweet and moving letter. I wrote the sections on Krasian techniques for pain management after my own battles with cluster migraines and chronic nerve pain. Drugs tend to have little effect on those conditions, forcing me to learn to deal with them on my own. It’s amazing what you can learn to tolerate when your head is in the right space. Every day is a new battle, but it’s an effective weapon much of the time. Would you mind if I reprinted your letter on my blog? I just got a little choked up reading it, and wanted to share. Most reader mail is either general praise, criticism, or folks asking for a favor. This one really made it hit home how my work can touch some people. But if for any reason you are not comfortable with putting up the letter, please don’t worry. I remain touched and honored either way. I know others with similar conditions, and realize what a struggle it can be. Glad to know I helped ease a bit of the weight from your shoulders.
Regards, Peter
Dear Mr. Brett,
I was a bit shocked and in complete awe at receiving a response from my letter. I know you get tons, especially with Facebook and the option to message. I would be honored to have you print my letter. I hope that it gives people pause to the fact that at least to you and I and I’m sure many others, the book has deeper meanings that as you said hit home. I’m always sorry to hear when someone else experiences chronic or even short term pain, but if you hadn’t maybe that would have never made it into the books. And I’m so thankful it did, because I guess I’m so invested in the characters lives and the fact that some are so relatable that it just made sense to try and worked were so many doctors had failed. You’ve given me a gift that you’ll never understand. You’ve given me my life back were again so many have failed. I hope that people see that it’s an old way of doing things, but maybe coming from an author they cherish it will be worth trying, were other options may have failed them. I have no issue with my name being used, and would be honored.
Forever in your debt,
Mrs. Jennifer Dennis
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  1. Mind over matter is a great control mechanism for the human body!

    Posted by Arthur, on September 19th, 2014 at 11:35 am