The Skull Throne Tour: the Grim Gathering

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Last night, Peat traveled to Reading and Bristol to chat with fans and sign copies of The Skull Throne. It was also the third Grim Gathering with Joe Abercrombie, Peter Newman and Mark Lawrence. Check out the pictures:

Photo Apr 11, 12 44 21 AM

Q&A with the Grim Gathering!

Photo Apr 11, 12 44 30 AM

Photo Apr 11, 12 12 13 AM

Photo Apr 11, 8 41 31 AM

With Carol Hinds and her Ashia Cosplay

Photo Apr 11, 8 16 40 AM

Carol Hinds Sharumting 2

Claire brought Cassie Acorn Girl fanart 1

Claire brought Cassie Acorn Girl Fan Art

Jude Photo Apr 11, 12 41 45 AM

With Jude

Andrea Photo Apr 11, 8 09 04 AM

With Andrea

Ishu Photo Apr 11, 9 05 22 AM

With Ishu

Becky Photo Apr 11, 8 44 20 AM

With Becky

Antony Photo Apr 11, 12 44 44 AM

With Antony

Fans tom & Laura as Arlen-renna by John Baker

Fans Tom and Laura as Arlen and Renna. Art by John Baker.



Next stop on the U.K. tour will be in Birmingham at 12:00pm this afternoon. Or you can catch Peat tonight in Liverpool at 6pm. All tour stops are listed here.

Posted on April 11, 2015 at 9:30 am by Karen
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2 responses to “The Skull Throne Tour: the Grim Gathering”

  1. Gutted our little group missed you in the pub (large rowdy group of lads got in the way…Doh!), but thanks again for the signing. Great event, great people and great to meet you. They say you shouldn’t meet your heroes. I say meh! to that, for last night many of us met four of ours.

    Roll on next year’s Grim Gathering!

    Posted by J P Ashman, on April 11th, 2015 at 9:36 am
  2. One of the best answers of the evening was Peat’s to the question

    “Which character in fantasy would you most like to punch in the face?”

    After some thought “Dumbledore” – a bold choice, but one we understood when it was explained.

    I wrote more about the grim gathering II at my blog

    a great evening

    Posted by T.O.Munro, on April 12th, 2015 at 9:25 am