The Skull Throne Tour: London Book Fair

Posted by Meg

Yesterday, Peat attended the London Book Fair! Here is a photographic portrayal of his adventures:

Photo Apr 14, 3 49 16 PM

Guess who is on the banner at the LBF?

Photo Apr 15, 5 44 03 PM

View of the booths at the London Book Fair

Photo Apr 15, 5 44 33 PM


Brady, Christa and Joshua of JABberwocky working really hard!


Stephanie, Gillian and Simon of Gollancz


Cristina of Gailivro Publishing in Portugal. She announced they will be picking up The Skull Throne!

Next stop on the U.K. Tour will be in Glasgow for the final U.K. stop! All of this year’s appearances are listed here.

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