Warding Contest: New Inventions to Great Ruins

Posted by Meg

The Warding Contest is now officially closed! Check out our final entries:

Lucek submitted a warded quiver for his contest entry:

6 8

Stunning! The black wards on the red background is very striking.

Nicholas explores two worlds colliding in this Dr. Who/Demon Cycle mash-up sonic screwdriver:

The Doctor must be prepared for alagai in case the TARDIS lands on Ala.

Photo on 5-19-15 at 12.49 PM

Awesome idea! Demons, aliens … same stuff! The Doctor and Arlen would make an interesting team-up.

Paulina chose to ward fruit. Here’s why:

I tend to mark my food with Impact rune so no “Lunch stealing” demon can put it’s claws on it. If it tries…well. We all know what happens. Today it’s a banana.

warded banana ha ha

Those pesky lunch stealing demons!

Olga has a new product to market. Check out her pitch:

This coreling charmer will knock plenty of otherworldly (hypothetical) socks off with a haunting tin whistle melody. Bound to confuse the average coreling enough to evade and escape. Available for hire. Enquire at the Half Moon Inn.


I will take three!

Michael submits his ambitious entry … Anoch Sun!

Anoch Sun7

Beautiful. I love the wards, the detail of the spear and the quote that completes it all!

We will be picking winners this week! Stay tuned.

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