Tweephole #50

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Peat travels to Phoenix ComicCon, works on The Core and looks forward to the release of The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold from Tachyon on July 14th.

  • @PVBrett – The opening chapter of The Core may make some people’s heads explode.
  • @PVBrett – So @laurenalexg borrowed my suitcase for #phxcc. I forgot & jumped when I opened it and found this. #cosplay

phoenix toy gun

  • @PVBrett – So, like, what do y’all do in Phoenix when not hanging out with nerds in a convention center?
  • @PVBrett – Tequila is like an awesome one-night stand that leaves you with the clap.
  • @PVBrett – Reader: I love your worldbuilding. How do you do it? Me: It helps to have a god complex and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • @PVBrett – Found 2006 stepsheet for a book called Mind Demons, which eventually became Desert Spear. In it I’d shipped Rojer & Leesha. So bizarre now.
  • @PVBrett – Lots of people confused about my use of “ship”. I am hip to the kids’ lingo. …
  • @PVBrett – The mass market of The Great Bazaar & Brayan’s gold comes out from @TachyonPub June 14. So close I can smell it. …

tachyon novella

  • @PVBrett – Impossible to explain to a 6 year old why Empire Strikes Back is better than Return of the Jedi. Some things you learn when you’re older.
  • @PVBrett – We limit ourselves when we confuse “can’t” with “won’t”.
  • @PVBrett – Oh, the sweet thrill of weeding out a new POV before it can fully take root… #thecore
  • @PVBrett – No school for teacher conference day, so I am home-schooling Cassie about IHOP.

Cassie ihop

Speter Marker shirt

  • @PVBrett – Don’t get how NYC psychic storefronts stay in business when rent crushes everyone else. Mob fronts? Drug deals? Precognitive investments?
  • @PVBrett – So @laurenalexg has never heard of Time Bandits. I searched my DVDs, Amazon instant video and iTunes to no avail. Did I just imagine it?
  • @PVBrett – Renna’s beautiful knife made by @FreijyaMc was left in UK so TSA wouldn’t confiscate. Finally home where it belongs.

Renna Knife

  • @PVBrett – Over 100 questions in my Reddit/Books AMA yesterday, and I answered them all. If you missed it, they’re all here:
  • @PVBrett – Spent the afternoon in a restaurant completely filled with family sprung from my immigrant grandparents. Amazing.
  • @PVBrett – That moment when you give up trying to figure out who’s first, second, third, or removed, and just call everyone “cousin”.
  • @PVBrett – I am not unaware of its flaws, but Wheel of Time is one of the few series that even now can bring tears to my eyes with a few key sentences.
  • @PVBrett – I have always wondered if Wrapped Around Your Finger by The Police was about Sauron.
  • @PVBrett – It took me four months to realize my new iMac doesn’t have a DVD drive.
  • @PVBrett – Stepsheet for The Core is done. 103 pages of bulleted notes. So psyched about this book. Start on prose Monday.
  • @PVBrett – Father’s Day is on Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year when demons are weakest. Coincidence?
  • @PVBrett – I’m pretty sure Cassie has never seen me in a tie. #geekdadproblems

tie fathers day

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