Character Recreation: RPG Style!

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In our Wednesday post, we asked people to comment about their thoughts/experience with RPGs. We were thrilled when a fan responded, going above and beyond what we asked.

OldNile is a fan of The Demon Cycle as well as a super awesome gamer! Check out what happened when he decided to incorporate characters from The Demon Cycle in some of his favorite games…

This redesign of Gared Cutter in Skyrim is amazing!


The choices for his appearance are spot on! And don’t think I didn’t notice his weapon, ready to be whipped out the instant night falls.

Here’s Gared wielding his signature axe like a pro!


Such an awesome redesign! If wood demons are around, or any demons for that matter, they’d better keep their distance.

Here are some other characters that OldNile created in the expansive world of Skyrim. Can you guess who’s who?


I love how the pictures really let us see both the design and the character in action! Awesome job on the settings too. There are definitely some photography skills at work here.

If that wasn’t enough, OldNile also recreated six of the main characters from the books, and went on to explore an alien world with them! Here’s a neat video of one of the team’s battles (my favorites are Half-grip, Gatherer, and Deliverer).

In his own words, this fusion of The Demon Cycle and Wizardry 8 started as-

An idea inspired by Peter Brett’s Demon-cycle – our team of six heroes are magically removed from the world of Thesa, only to crashland on a mysterious planet full of dangerous creatures.

Thanks so much to OldNile for sharing these super creative redesigns with us. It obviously took a lot of time and effort and really pays off!

You can follow OldNile on Twitter here! Or you can jump right to his gaming videos here!

Posted on August 10, 2015 at 8:00 am by Karen
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3 responses to “Character Recreation: RPG Style!”

  1. It was awesome to see this post, it was totally unexpected. Thanks so much! This is just something I do for fun, I wouldn’t necessarily call it an “effort”, recreating these characters. It’s more like an interesting experiment, to see how well can I put a particular character from a certain universe into a game where such customization is possible. Skyrim pretty much gives you free reign in this, plus you can always get mods if, say, you really want to play as a Messenger or the Shar’Dama Ka himself (spears do not exists in the default vanilla game).

    Ironically, only after this blog post did I discover how to fine tune camera positions for making very precise screenshots. I made a gallery of some newer shots (, just as a little extra related to the previous ones.

    Also, a fun little bonus:
    After seeing this, I immediately went: “Yup, Gared would totally do this to someone who tried to rob him.”

    Posted by OldNile, on August 12th, 2015 at 10:19 am
  2. Hey OldNile,

    This is Peat’s assistant Karen. Your comment to our RPG Forum Board post was an unexpected treat– one we really enjoyed. As soon as we saw your redesigns, we couldn’t wait to make a post that really showed them off! So glad you liked it.

    I took a quick peek at your screenshot gallery and it looks great! I’ll have to take another look, but it seems like there’s enough material here to make a Part 2 post. Look out for it in the coming weeks 🙂

    Very Best,

    Posted by Karen, on August 14th, 2015 at 4:32 pm
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