A Lança do Deserto: Cia do Leitor Review!

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Hey everyone!

Reviews are awesome. We’ve had some great ones for The Demon Cycle and I absolutely love reading them. That being said, I’ve noticed a trend that people don’t like to write only positive things. For every praising point, it seems like there has to be a critique.

This isn’t a necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes there are good, interesting, points that kindle discussion and lead to a more thoughtful understanding.

Other times, it’s just nit-picking. Complaints for the sake of complaining.

The reason I bring this up is because of an enthusiastic review we got last week from the lovely people at Cia do Leitor that restored my faith in reviewers. This is the kind of content that I love to read the most- stuff that manages to be both clever and kind.


Patricia’s review is chock full of spoilers, but if you’ve already finished A Lança do Deserto, I’d definitely recommend giving it a read. It’s refreshing to see someone talking so openly about a book they enjoy:

Once again I was dragged by a completely fantastic world, still discovering a more about it. Revealing many secrets from the first to the last page... a must read!


Thanks so much to Patricia for the honest review! The fact that it’s a positive one certainly doesn’t hurt.

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You can get your copy of A Lança do Deserto here!

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