Warded Wednesday: Most Precious Winner!

Posted by Karen

Hey everyone! Looks like switching prizes to The Skull Throne was a good idea. We got a bunch of entries this week and they all made me grin. One in particular had me giggling like a loon and is therefore the winner:

I would prop a trampoline on its side and ward the underside. Using the trampoline as a gigantic sheild, I would battle the demons and laugh mischievously as they sailed a great distance when bouncing off the warded springed net. -VanBustItWideOpen

Congratulations! I LOVE this idea. Not sure it would work as advertised, but the thought of bouncing corelings is definitely one to remember. We’ll be contacting you shortly about your prize.

Our next Warded Wednesday is TOMORROW. Be sure to check it out! In the meantime, there were a bunch of other entries that deserve a look-see:

Myself first, of course! I’m too young to die. Then comes my bookshelf and numerous boxes of books, my bed (there are many boxes of books under it).
I’d like to kill some of the creeps though, so I’ll leave the bathroom unwarded! Take that, fewking corelings! Immortal my ass, we’re allowed to use WMDs against demons, eh? ? -Khaled

The very first thing I would Ward would be Myself. Mind Wards first, then Defensive Wards and Attack Wards. Hopefully that would buy me enough time to put my cat and my few prized possessions into a large enough solid box and ward that. Then I would do my best to escape with said box and wait till sunrise, and beat off any demons that stood in my way. -QueenOfThra

I think I would ward every mirror I have in my house and barricade all possible entrance points with them. The Corelings would be so horrified by their own reflections, they would be robbed of any desire to fight. At this point I would dash out and bash their brains in with my trusty warded baseball bat! To be honest my genuine answer would be to ward my dog first, I totally agree with Stinga’s comment, I could not bear it if something were to happen to him. Cudos! -Scott

I would ward my dog first to ensure that she wouldn’t be harmed if the demons got in. I would need to ward her collar and Breast plate and maybe some warded caps for her teeth. She is my best friend and she would try to protect me from any one or any thing so id need to protect her from getting in harms way. -Stinga

I would ward my collection of books, they have been my therapy when times got tough, they have provided me with laughter and brought me new friendships in my life. If everything else was to burn my books would get me through it ? -An Open Mind

I’d ward my flute and my housemate’s accordeon and my other housemates guitar first of course. And then we’d start playing and wouldn’t stop untill the sun turned them to smoking carcasses. Those corelings have no business in our house. -Flying Phoenix

After ensuring my family was safe (of course they would come first) I would ward a photo of my late nan and grandad at their 50th wedding anniversary and our family ‘keeping box’ which is filled with things such as first drawings, childhood award and certificates and my signed copy of the warded man!!!! -Clare

Thanks so much to everyone who sent in their submissions! If you have any suggestions for future Warded Wednesday questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

You can get your copy of The Warded Man here!

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