Warded Wednesday: Modern Demons Winner!

Posted by Karen

Hey everyone! Last week we asked you to come up with new types of demons relevant to the modern world and you didn’t disappoint. The winner sent us two interesting entries… take a look!

An oil demon. This demon is the epitome of the struggle to find balance between our earth and the need for energy. This demon would be able to morph into any shape, as it is liquid, and common spears and knives would merely slice through the demon. The demon would leave a trace wherever it went, much like a flame demon. It’s power would be to flick it’s ichor onto your skin and it would spread up the person affected appendage, shrivel it, feeding off of the life force and then travel back to the demon to give it more energy. Stuff is real! -Gregarious

That sounds both awesome and terrifying. I love it!

I think the best demon for the common era would be an RNCD and DNCD (republican and democratic national convention demon). The main reason I feel this would be the best new demon is because these conventions happen every four year and it’s when politicians really rear their uglies.

They would have modern dress (suits that are tailored to perfection and ties with prints that want to make you feel all warm inside). These demons could mimic any personality to make you feel like you are being understood or even respected. However, if you disagree with anything they say, spikes come down the center of their spines and thorns come out of their palms, for dangerous high fives and slaps on the back. They would emit a poison from these spikes and that would cause the affected to fall into a trance, agreeing with everything the RNCD would say.
The demons main power comes from all the negativity and bullpoop any candidates from their tribes spews forth.
Their only pitfal and only thing to send them back to Nies abyss is for you to praise their prowess and insight. -Gregarious

Congratulations! Both these types of demons sound really nifty. I especially like the idea of seeing one in a suit… We’ll be contacting you shortly about your prize.

Our next Warded Wednesday is TOMORROW. Be sure to check it out! In the meantime, there were a bunch of other entries that deserve a look-see:

While I think that all of the demons would still exist in our time (since elements still exist), a nifty modern demon would be a cyber demon.

This demon would be close to as knowledgeable as the mind demons since it had the whole power of the internet behind it feeding it’s mind (Tho it’s flaw would be that it believes everything on the internet so occasionally it is wrong thanks to internet trolls ? ). This demon would be able to travel via skating through the internet and computers would need their own Cyber-wards to protect people from demons entering their house.

Hackers would be some of the best warders we have for these creatures as they would be able to destroy them using fighting cyber wards while they were skating thru the web. -Melissa

The demon that I think would be a great addition that exists in the modern world would be, shadow demons. Shadows have existed for years and they’re everywhere! Time has awakened their own soul, the Nie using the Prince demons to break their slumber.

The shadow demons linger during the day, hiding behind objects and humans they see fit. This is also their way to find prey. They inherit the shadow, act like mimic demons and mime your every move. Not knowing a demon follows you. Once the sun sets, the demon rises up and consumes their prey in darkness.

No one can see their true form, due to the fact that they transform many times. Taking different shapes and sizes they lurk in. They’re the only demons that could rise during either day or night. -Hannah

I love the Cyber and Shadow Demons ?
My choice is a Raddie.
Name: Nuclear Radiation Demon.
Dwelling: Near heavily contaminated areas.
Special abilities: *Absorbs radiation to strengthen its armor and obtain superior speed. Can also stay during the day if charged with enough radiation.
*Incapacitates its enemies with radiation, allowing it to stockpile prey.
* 3D hearing.
Behavior: They hunt alone, and are extremely territorial. Lesser demons keep away from Polluted areas altogether.
A Raddie may enroach on another Raddies territory, but its a fight to the death.
Weaknesses: *Weak conventional sight.
*Electromagnetic Interference Shielding distorts its senses. -Khaled

Thanks so much to everyone who sent in their submissions! If you have any suggestions for future Warded Wednesday questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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