Fanart: Art From Supanova (Part 1)!

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Hey everyone! Peat got a bunch of kickass Fanart during Supanova, enough that it wouldn’t fit in yesterday’s recap. Because of that, we so we decided to show it off in this special two-parter post.

Without further ado, here’s Part 1:

First up are some incredible pieces from John Stewart. This one (my personal favorite) features Demon Cycle’s POV characters. It’s super cool. Am I the only one who this This could also make for the most dysfunctional family photo ever?


The black and white shading on this is incredible. It must have taken ages, particularly with all that detailing. I’ve actually seen this picture in person it’s as amazing as it looks, if not more!

Next up is Asome vanquishing a mimic demon.


Never thought I’d be more scared of a person than a demon. Look at that carnage… remind me never to tick him off.

John also did demon pencil art. Check out this fierce wood demon:


And this flame demon might be small, but look at those teeth. I’ll stay inside the wards, please and thank you:


All of John’s work is stunning. Thanks so much to him for creating it and for being such an creative fan of the series!

You can get your copy of The Skull Throne here!

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