Myke Cole Hunted Drinking Game

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Myke-Under-Hollywood-Sign_edited-2It’s been quite a weekend. Whether you were celebrating, mourning, marching or hiding under a rock, we could all use a break.

Thankfully, my BFF for over 25 years, Myke Cole, is one of the stars of Hunted, premiering on CBS TONIGHT at 10pm after the AFC championship. In honor of the event, I have put together a Myke Cole drinking game to play at the premiere party, and invite the rest of you to play along. The rules are pretty simply. Take a drink every time Myke does something… Mykelike.

Feel free to add rules in the comments section. Drink responsibly!

The Myke Cole Hunted Drinking Game


1 drink = one full sip of beer, wine, liquor

1 shot = a shot of liquor or draining your glass of a less alcoholic beverage


Take a drink every time Myke…

is assigned a task

explains tech so luddites can understand it

shouts when people are right next to him

crosses his arms and looks grumpy

puts an end to frivolity

uses folksy military aphorisms, including but not limited to:

“Don’t borrow trouble”

“Self-licking ice cream cone”


“This dog won’t hunt”

“The sea doesn’t care about you”

talks about trigger discipline

points at a computer screen

looks directly into the camera

gives a speech (instructive or inspirational)

does something gentlemanly

vows to catch the fugitives

makes a gaming reference

touches his beard

takes a deity or prophet’s name in vain


Take a shot every time…

Myke catches a fugitive

Someone asks Myke to calm down/lower the volume

Have fun, and let me know if you need me to write your boss a note on Monday morning.



There will be some big news coming this week. Stay tuned!


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