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Hey everyone! People have been quoting Peat for a long time now. Some of you might remember last year when we stumbled upon some motivational posters that some fans created.

Today, I wanted to show off something a little different. It turns out Peat has been put up on wordsquotes with a bunch of quotes about his writing process, favorite books, etc.:


Many of these quotes have been taken from interviews. Here are just a couple of examples:

“I jump around in the plotting stage, where I basically just make a bulleted list of every damn thing that happens in the entire book.”

“I think each book sort of finds its own theme as it goes on. ‘Warded Man’ was fear. ‘Desert Spear’ was exploration of the other. ‘Daylight War’ was relationships. Some of this is intentional, and some of it evolves naturally. The series as a whole is obviously something I have given a lot of thought to, but each book is its own animal as well.”

I think it’s awesome that Peat’s influential enough to recognized and quoted. Very, very cool. For more quotes from Peat (and other authors), you can check out the official wordsquotes site.

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