The Core: Pre-Order Covers Up!

Posted by Karen

Hey everyone! Are you as excited for The Core as I am??

After the big Cover Reveal that went up a few weeks ago, Penguin Random House has officially updated the pre-order page with The Core’s US cover. In case you missed it, that’s this gorgeous picture of Leesha:

The Core.new1

I could look at this forever to be honest. Larry Rostant really outdid himself this time! If you haven’t popped over to the pre-order page, go do it! Not only will it put the book in your hands faster, but it also has the back-cover summary of The Core…

For time out of mind, bloodthirsty demons have stalked the night, culling the human race to scattered remnants dependent on half-forgotten magics to protect them. Then two heroes arose—men as close as brothers, yet divided by bitter betrayal. Arlen Bales became known as the Warded Man, tattooed head to toe with powerful magic symbols that enable him to fight demons in hand-to-hand combat—and emerge victorious. Jardir, armed with magically warded weapons, called himself the Deliverer, a figure prophesied to unite humanity and lead them to triumph in Sharak Ka—the final war against demonkind… (continued on the site)

August can’t come quickly enough!

Posted on March 31, 2017 at 8:00 am by Karen
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  1. Loving this cover! All the previous covers have been fantastic and this is no exception. Excited to see the UK version.

    Posted by Ken Boyter, on March 31st, 2017 at 10:19 am