Still Life Contest: Science And Shelves

Posted by Karen

Hey everyone! Ready for our next couple of entries from the Still Life Contest? I know I am!

Starting us off is this lovely entry Natascha:


Very nice. Like I said, I always love bookshelf shots. It’s like getting a glimpse into someone else’s mindset, which I find extremely interesting.

Next is Sarah Lockwood, who you might remember as the Critiquing Chemist. You might recognize the name from the whole slew of blog posts I did about those reviews. Sarah sent in this… very intriguing shot:

Sarah Lockwood

Here’s the Critiquing Chemist’s ( entry into the Still Life Contest! ? Thanks for the fun/creative contest. I’ve loved seeing how creative everyone is!

I’m not saying that Sarah is doing research on demons, but Sarah is -definitely- doing research on demons. Leesha would be so proud.

Thanks so much to Sarah for sending in this entry (and for giving me a bunch of blog content 😉 ).

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