Still Life Contest: Warded Books

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Hey everyone!

This is FINAL batch of entries for the Still Life Contest. It’s been a long time getting through these, but after this post, Peat and I will be able to sit down and pick the winners. Let’s do this thing!

Scott Reid sent in this clay ward made entirely out of books!

Scott Reid1 Scott Reid2

This is meant to be a ward against clay demons. Books maybe not the best medium, but I liked the idea. Really looking forward to The Core!

This is so creative and very well done! Books were a difficult medium to work with, but it really paid off. You can tell what it is immediately. I’m also impressed that Scott managed to get the shot. It takes a true photographer to reach such heights.

Last, but certainly not least, is Stuart Reid’s phenomenal warded book.

Stuart Reid

Handmade wards out of flamed maple, creating a warded circle to protect, ‘Messenger’s Legacy’ from what lurks in the darkness.

Um… this is amazing? I’m so blown away with how much work went into this. I took the time to count and there are twenty individually warded plaques. Not only that, but the layout and color scheme is great too. An absolutely incredible entry, just… just wow.

You can pre-order The Core here!

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