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Hey everyone! Our newest video review comes to us from The Bottled Imp.

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A couple years ago they did a compacted review of the first three Demon Cycle novels and they recently finished it off with The Skull Throne! Ken does long reviews, but that just means there’s a lot to talk about. I really love how his videos come out, particularly regarding the in-depth analysis and dramatic flair (what can I say? I’m a sucker for Fantasy fashion). If you’ve got some time while waiting for The Core, I’d recommend giving these reviews a listen.

Peter V. Brett said there would be five novels in this series. Trilogies are popular with authors and readers alike. I’ve not read too many that have five books to tell the story. So I was intrigued to find out how the pacing and rhythms of the story would pan out over a longer number of pages. ‘The Skull Throne’ is the forth book of five. So is this the tricky ‘forth’ book in the series?

Obviously a lot has happened over the three previous novels. The whole set up of the series revolves around humankind living in fear at night from demons (or corelings as they are commonly called) rising up from the ground, the core, and attacking humans for their flesh. The corelings burn in daylight, and so people can go about their daily lives. The ancient knowledge of Magic Wards is known but only for protection. That is until Arlen Bales discovers an ancient lost civilization who have the knowledge of wards that can harm the demons. The fight back begins.

There are three main story lines Arlen Bales and his struggle with his absorption of corling magic and his fight with Ahmann Jardir, a jealous leader of the Krasians, who feels threaten by Arlen’s growing power. Story line number two, involves Jardir’s wife, Inevera, who sits in command while Jardir is dueling with Arlen. She is trying to control their fighting sons who are all after the Skull Throne. Finally, Leesha Paper and Rojer Inn who are struggling to forge an alliance between the Duchess of Angiers and Miln against the Krasians before it’s too late.

‘The Skull Throne’ does indeed pack a lot into it. There are many themes that run through the novel such as pride and dominance, politics, war, personal sacrifice for the greater good, and internal conflict. All of which is gearing up for the fifth and final book ‘The Core’ that is due for publication in September/October 2017.

To check more more of Ken’s reviews at The Bottled Imp, head over to his Youtube Channel or head over to his website! You can also check out the compact review that Ken did of the first three Demon Cycle novels here.

REMINDER: Don’t forget we’re still in the middle of the Core ARC Contest. If you want to read The Core early, grab your shoeboxes and start those Dioramas!

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