Appearances: GameHole Con 2017!

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Hey everyone! Big news. We’re excited to announce that Peat is going to be at Gamehole Con this year!

What’s Gamehole Con?

Gamehole Con is the largest tabletop gaming convention in the upper Midwest. Here’s a video to explain it in detail and help get you pumped up!

Sounds awesome, right?? Peat’s schedule for the con is as follows:

GameHole Con – November 2-5, Wisconsin

Thursday, November 2nd – Sunday, November 5th, in Madison, WI.


Friday Signing

What: Signing

When: Friday, November 3rdth beginning at 5pm

Where: TBD

Summary: Come get your books signed and have a quick chat.


Seminar: Rolling and Writing – Inspired Gamers who became Writers

What: Seminar along with Ted Fauster, Erin Evans, and Hans Cummings

When: Saturday, November 4th beginning at 11AM

Where: TBD

Summary: Fans of tabletop roleplaying games are no strangers to the written word. Volumes upon volumes of rule systems, area descriptions, character backgrounds, backstories, world histories, magics and physics, and the like are created from scratch for every campaign, across every genre of tabletop gaming. But what happens when playing the game is not enough.

Saturday Signing

What: Signing

When: Saturday, November 4th beginning at 5PM

Where: TBD

Summary: Come get your books signed and have a quick chat.

There are tickets still available, so make sure to get them ASAP. As always, for a list of Peat’s most recent schedule, you should head on over to the Appearances page.

You can pre-order The Core here!

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