Warding Mini-Contest: Warded Tastiness

Posted by Karen

Hey everyone! Our next batch of entries is ready to go. For this one, I decided to feature all the tasty things that people warded. Check them out:

Tré Xavier’s warded coffee is just what’s needed after a long, demon-filled, night: 

Bronwyn P.’s warded scrumptious apple and raspberry pies and warded shed (click on the picture of the warded shed to see the pics at a larger size! Trust me, it’s worth it):

I warded an apple and raspberry pie… I hope you enjoy the photo as much as I’ll enjoy eating it! It smells amazing… In fact, I may go and do that now…

I also decided to ward the shed the apples are stored in (along with the potatoes, garlic and onions) so that demons don’t destroy my crops and I can continue to make warded pies…

Khaled H. sent in this warded firespit:

We were hunting earlier today, and I shot a couple of ducks. firepit ready, spit up, and I read about this contest on my phone… Flame Wards + Prophecy wards (to know when dinner is ready).

Mia C. warded some tasty treats:

I have warded tomorrow’s breakfast: a mimic ward hoping they will multiply and a mind ward to convince myself it’s a healthy breakfast.

… and Derek Robinson sent in this bottle of Arlen’s Fire Demon Sauce! Complete with flame ward packaging:

These are all absolutely stunning. Halfway through organizing them, I started hearing growling– thought it was corelings, but it turns out it was just my stomach.

Thanks so much to everyone for sending them in! We have a few more submissions to show off, then it’s on to announcing the winners. Keep your eyes out for it!

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Posted on September 15, 2017 at 8:00 am by Karen
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