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Hey everyone! Thanks to much to all of you who came out for NYCC. Peat had a blast chatting with everyone, both on panels and at his signings. By Sunday, we had sold every copy of the Core we’d brought along– even the display copy. That was frikken awesome.

But Peat’s US tour isn’t over yet! He’s got a bunch of places still to visit, so get pumped for it! Here’s how the rest of the tour will be going down…

US Core Tour – October 4-13, 2017

Powell’s Books, Q&A and Signing (Beaverton, OR)

What: Signing/talk

When: Tuesday, October 10 beginning at 7:00PM

Where: Powell’s Books
3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.
Beaverton, OR 97005

University Bookstore, Q&A and Signing (Seattle, WA)

What: Signing/talk

When: Wednesday, October 11 beginning at 7:00PM

Where: University Book Store
4326 University AVE NE
Seattle WA 98105

Mysterious Galaxy, Q&A and Signing (San Diego, CA)

What: Signing/talk

When: Thursday, October 12 beginning at 7:30PM

Where: Mysterious Galaxy
5943 Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA 92111

Interabang Books, Q&A and Signing (Dallas, TX)

What: Signing/talk

When: Friday, October 13 beginning at 7:00PM

Where: Interabang Books
10720 Preston Rd.
Dallas, TX 75230

You can order The Core now!

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