Fanart: Demon Cycle Mind Ward Tattoo

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Ahhh, new tattoo, new tattoo! A little while ago, we found Hannah’s Demon Cycle tattoo and it’s amazing! I love the shading on this and the mind ward is just gorgeous. Thanks so much for showing this off, Hannah! Reminder: Myke Cole shaves Peter V. Brett’s head on December 6! […]

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Video Review: Andrew’s Book Reviews (Skull Throne)

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! A few months ago, we put up a blog post about a budding series of Demon Cycle video book reviews by Andrew, starting with The Warded Man. After checking back, I was delighted to find that he’s since put up reviews for Desert Spear, Daylight War, and, just recently, of […]

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Worldbuilders 2017: Shaving Peat’s Head

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Remember that time Peat shaved Myke Cole’s head? Back in 2013, Myke Cole promised he’d shave his head as an act of whimsy if the fundraiser meets the $25,000 mark. SPOILER ALERT: They did, and Myke had Peat do the honors of shaving his friend’s head with a straight razor. […]

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Graphic Audio Extended Black Friday Sale!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Last week we mentioned the release of the next part of Graphic Audio’s Demon Cycle audiobook. Right now, you can grab the new part of The Core for 30% off as well as FREE SHIPPING using the coupon code BIG30 at checkout. This deal applies to the rest of the […]

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Worldbuilders: The Core Auction LAST DAY!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Time is running out on the Worldbuilders charity auction for The Core and Unfettered. Peter donated a copy of the Core that he signed personally, along with Brent Weeks, to this year’s Worldbuilders charity auction. For those of you not familiar with Worldbuilders, it is a charity founded by fantasy […]

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