Beauty In Ruins Review: The Core

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Hey everyone! Now that The Core is officially out, reviews are starting to roll in.

Wow. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you conclude one of the pivotal fantasy epics of the 21st century. The Core is not just a fitting conclusion to The Demon Cycle, it is (by far) the greatest book of an already impressive saga. Peter V. Brett has saved the best for last in a story that is big, bold, and brilliant.

Beauty in Ruins gave us all the feels with their glowing review of The Core.

This is the final main book in the series (for now). Next up is Barren! Readers can get also their Demon Cycle fix with Peat’s novellas including The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold which is two-stories-in-one published by Tachyon and Messenger’s Legacy which is published by Subterranean Press. These novellas aren’t required, but they certainly enrich the rest of the series, particularly key events and characters in The Core…

You can get your copy of The Core here!

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