Cowboy T-Rex Battle

Posted by Meg The epic Cowboy T-Rex Battle began with a simple request at Comic-Con. Fan Jeffrey Petersen (@JeffreyPetersen), wanting to get a little more out of the autograph experience, asked Myke Cole to draw a cowboy riding a T-Rex. This was what Myke came up with … Then, Peat got an email from Jeffrey […]

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Signed Copies of The Warded Man, Brayan’s Gold & More

Posted by Meg Ever wanted a SIGNED copy of your favorite Peter V. Brett book? Well, here’s your chance! Books Scouts, an online resource for out of print, rare and hard to find books, has a bunch of signed copies for sale on their website including The Warded Man, The Painted Man and Brayan’s Gold. Already […]

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Cosplay Contest Grand Prize

I know I haven’t been blogging much lately. Been overwhelmed with work, primarily as I pick up speed writing The Daylight War. I will blog in detail about that one of these days. I also have someone new helping me out in the office, and am pleased to report that all the backed up contest […]

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NY ComicCon Update

Lots of updated info on my appearances as my one of my favorite conventions, NY ComicCon draws nigh. Here is the latest: Friday, October 14 Don’t be fooled by the name of my first panel. While there will certainly be discussion of steampunk and zombies, this is basically a showcase panel for  all of Random House’s […]

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Cosplay Contest

Get out your sewing kits, ward your spears, and call your local henna tattooist, because it’s summer, the weather is gorgeous, and it’s time for another contest! This one is a doozy; months in the planning. I meant to start it last week, but found out at the literal last minute that Red Sonja: Blue was […]

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