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The Core, First Draft Complete

Last Wednesday morning at 1:31am, I sent my publishers the complete first draft of The Core, the fifth and final book in the Demon Cycle series. It’s been a long time coming. For readers, the Demon Cycle began in 2008 (or 2009 in the US). That’s nine years. Quite a commitment, and for those of […]

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Ciclo Das Trevas- O Protegido Review!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Caroline at Vai Lendo recently did a review of O Protegido. If you want a short-but-sweet sort of review that’s relatively spoiler free, go ahead and check it out! The review is in Portuguese. As always, a huge thank you to Darkside Books for their amazing job on publishing The […]

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My Escape From Reality: Review

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Peat did an interview with Alex from minha-fuga-da-realidade (translated as my-escape-from-reality) to mark the Darkside’s release of The Desert Spear in Portuguese. Alex has been a delight to work with and we were so glad to be featured on the site. Recently, we found out that Alex took the time […]

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O Protegido: Video on Female Representation

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! We recently stumbled across a really interesting series of video reviews by Mariana at Chá de Prosa (roughly translated as Prose Tea). On her blog, Mariana covers dark and fantastical books: “In Prose Tea, literature mixes with opinion which mixes with cinema which mixes with many other flavors of words” […]

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Ciclo das Trevas: RPG Review!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! A little while ago our friends at Runic Folk put up a review of O Protegido. This looks at The Warded Man from the perspective of RPG, taking into account the world, professions, story, etc. You can check out the whole review here! We’ve had some awesome RPG enthusiasts send in […]

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