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Padawan Challenge

Posted by Peat In the tradition of other cosplay challenges I’ve done with Cassie, the Padawan Challenge focused on Cass completing certain tasks to unlock different pieces of a costume! She’s been pretty into Stars Wars lately, so the Padawan Challenge was a no brainer. Padawan Challenge complete! Cassie practicing her Jedi mind tricks: You want […]

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Tweephole #46

Posted by Meg Check up with Peat as he starts the New Year. @PVBrett – Half done with @LordGrimdark‘s Half the World which is half again better than Half a King which got less than half the acclaim it deserved. @PVBrett – I may watch The Interview today—more out of spite than any real desire to see […]

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Red Son Wonder Woman Challenge

Posted by Peat One of the reasons I love having fan art contests is because I love making fan art myself. It wasn’t THAT long ago when I was doodling Spider-man or Batman or Drizzt D’Urden while I should have been paying attention in class (or let’s face it, a dull meeting during my many […]

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Tweephole #45

Posted by Meg It’s the end of the year and Peat’s been busy celebrating the holidays, traveling to Mexico with Cassie and preparing for 2015. @PVBrett – Ran into some old friends at my parents’ house. @lego @PVBrett – Holiday Miracle! Get #ThePaintedMan ( for 99p & #TheDesertSpear ( for £1.99 #12DaysofKindle! @PVBrett – Cassie takes a break from building Lego Jedi interceptor […]

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Tweephole #42

Posted by Meg With the Skull Throne draft done, Peat is onto working on new avatars and participating in a fancy photoshoot. @PVBrett – Princess Bride: Still fabulous, but watching w/Cassie I was very aware that the 1 woman who wasn’t an old hag was basically a plot coupon. @PVBrett – Going through old pix, found this […]

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