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Cassie Hawkgirl Challenge Complete!

Posted by Meg With her costume good to go and her main achievements unlocked, Cassie was all set for her superhero themed birthday party at the end of July.   To review, Cassie had to unlock a total of five challenges; each one completed awarded her with another piece to her Hawkgirl costume. But, if […]

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Tweephole #35

Posted by Meg Check out what Peat’s been up to as he completes the last few chapters of The Skull Throne. @PVBrett – Huzzah! RT @MykeCole: Pleased to announce that CONTROL POINT has sold to Zysk. My work is going to be published in Polish! @PVBrett - Reader just wrote to tell me the end of my […]

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Cassie Countdown: Final Week

Posted by Meg Cassie has been hard at work knocking off her challenges one by one, each day getting a little closer to piecing together her Hawkgirl costume. Last time we checked in with her, she had unlocked the wings, mask and Hawkgirl mace! So, in the week leading up to her superhero birthday party, […]

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Tweephole #34

Posted by Meg Peat ramps up his word count on The Skull Throne … @PVBrett - FB Level up! RT @Gizmodo: This girl’s Facebook cover photos are just fantastic @PVBrett - Oh HELL YES RT @GrimOakPress: MTV has ordered the first season of SHANNARA, based on THE ELFSTONES OF SHANNARA @PVBrett - Does this mean I’m retro or stodgy? […]

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Cassie Countdown: Three Challenges Unlocked!

Posted by Meg Last week, Cassie started her Hawkgirl challenge!  In a nutshell, Cassie must unlock all challenges in order to put together her Hawkgirl costume in time for her birthday bash in late July. Cassie started out strong by unlocking challenge number one on the first go. She read (on her own) for an […]

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