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Tweephole #42

Posted by Meg With the Skull Throne draft done, Peat is onto working on new avatars and participating in a fancy photoshoot. @PVBrett - Princess Bride: Still fabulous, but watching w/Cassie I was very aware that the 1 woman who wasn’t an old hag was basically a plot coupon. @PVBrett - Going through old pix, found this […]

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NYCC 2014 Recap: Sunday

Posted by Meg Sunday is kids day at NYCC. We figured if we brought Cassie to the show floor for an hour, two hours max, she would be overwhelmed and ready to go home and take a nap. Instead, she donned on her Wonder Woman costume and forged ahead for nearly 5 hours!! And she […]

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Tweephole #39

Posted by Meg Catch up with Peat as he ventures into NYCC and beyond! @PVBrett - If I take a 6 year old to ComicCon, am I a child abuser or THE GREATEST DAD EVER? @PVBrett - I <3  #NYCC @PVBrett - Bottom billing for @LordGrimdark @PVBrett - You can find just about anything on the #nycc retail floor… Except a Wonder […]

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Tweephole #38

Posted by Meg Catch up with Peat as he receives a heartening response from Wonder Forge as he traverses the cities and mountains of Morocco. All in a day’s work. @PVBrett – .RT @laurenalexg: We are totally blending in here in Morocco. #tourists @PVBrett - Ragen and Elissa get a feature on the limited edition Vincent Chong […]

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Cassie Grooting Video!

Posted by Meg Ready for your daily dose of cute? After seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, Cassie started to do the adorable baby Groot dance that appears at the end of the movie. Peat and Cassie decided to embark on a re-creation of the mini-scene. Your welcome! The Skull Throne has a release date! March 24, […]

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