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Mini-Contest: Action Figure Dance Party

Posted by Meg Peat ran a little mini-contest over on Twitter the other night. While working on The Skull Throne, Peat decided to use his action figure collection to help choreograph a fight scene. Turns out, all they really want to do was dance. @PVBrett – I use action figures to help mentally choreograph fight […]

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Random House Book Hunt Contest!

Posted by Meg In honor of Comic Con weekend here in NYC, Random House is launching a contest to win signed books by some of your favorite fantasy authors! (Note: you don’t have to be attending NYCC to enter!) All you have to do is post a picture of yourself holding one of the Demon […]

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Grimoire and Portable Wards

Posted by Meg This beautiful grimoire and portable wards, made by Christopher from Germany, was an awesome entry for the Warding Contest that we never posted! Christopher referred to it as a “Keep save at night Survival Kit”. Check out what else he has to say about his pieces: The first one is a completely handmade […]

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ST Cover Contest: Unfinished Entry

Posted by Meg Jack from Ireland sent in this beautiful, gigantic unfinished oil painting for the Skull Throne contest. The contest is over, but we thought we would show it off anyway. Beautiful! I especially like the vibrant colors! Can’t wait to see it finished. The Skull Throne now has a release date! The fourth book […]

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Skull Throne Cover Contest Winners!

Posted by Meg Wow. Peat was amazed by the amount and quality of the entries for this contest. That’s probably why he took such a long time trying to choose a winner! Everyone who entered did a fantastic job. Alas, there must be winners. While the contest was going on, the real Skull Throne cover […]

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