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More Inevera Cosplay from Poland!

Posted by Meg Looking like the cover art from The Daylight War, this Inevera cosplay is just blowing us away. We posted about it a couple weeks ago when someone spotted this fan at  Dni Fantastyki in Wroclaw, Poland. Here are some additional shots of Olka as Inevera and wielding some serious magic.  

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Inevera Cosplay Sighting in Wroclaw

Posted by Meg Over the weekend, a scarlet Inevera cosplay was spotted at the Dni Fantastyki in Wroclaw. Incredible costume. She reminds me a lot of the Inevera on the U.S. covers of The Daylight War. If you are this cosplayer, let us know and we can give you credit!

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Mesmerizing Inevera Cosplay

Posted by Meg Remember Hannah who had the awesome Renna cosplay a couple weeks back? Well, she went ahead and created her very own Inevera cosplay … and it’s amazing. Here’s what Hannah had to say about cosplay and female characters in the Demon Cycle: The Demon Cycle is stuffed with dynamic characters learning, growing, […]

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Amazing Renna Cosplay

Posted by Meg Hannah on DeviantArt created one of the best Renna cosplays completed painted body wards and Renna’s knife. Check it out: These pictures are stunning. Everything from the lighting to the clothing is so well put together. I especially love the detail of the wards and the red cape. To top it off, […]

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Cutters Cosplay at Supernova

Posted by Meg This past weekend, at Supernova in Perth, there some well-warded folks with the last name of Cutter in attendance. Check out these beautiful wards and costumes of Yanto, Kimberly and Steph. They are seriously kickass. Yanto and Steph as Cutter warriors Action shot Ready for the Night Kimberly and Yanto Kimberly wearing […]

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