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Fan Art: RenFest Leesha Cosplay

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Check out this fantastic Renaissance Faire Leesha cosplay by Aleena Hinojosa: A moment of respite between chores. Taking care of a whole village is hard work, but Leesha is always up to the task. Every Herb Gatherer needs an apron for vital supplies. Or a tasty snack like popcorn. I especially love […]

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More Inevera Cosplay from Poland!

Posted by Meg Looking like the cover art from The Daylight War, this Inevera cosplay is just blowing us away. We posted about it a couple weeks ago when someone spotted this fan at  Dni Fantastyki in Wroclaw, Poland. Here are some additional shots of Olka as Inevera and wielding some serious magic.  

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Inevera Cosplay Sighting in Wroclaw

Posted by Meg Over the weekend, a scarlet Inevera cosplay was spotted at the Dni Fantastyki in Wroclaw. Incredible costume. She reminds me a lot of the Inevera on the U.S. covers of The Daylight War. If you are this cosplayer, let us know and we can give you credit!

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Mesmerizing Inevera Cosplay

Posted by Meg Remember Hannah who had the awesome Renna cosplay a couple weeks back? Well, she went ahead and created her very own Inevera cosplay … and it’s amazing. Here’s what Hannah had to say about cosplay and female characters in the Demon Cycle: The Demon Cycle is stuffed with dynamic characters learning, growing, […]

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Amazing Renna Cosplay

Posted by Meg Hannah on DeviantArt created one of the best Renna cosplays completed painted body wards and Renna’s knife. Check it out: These pictures are stunning. Everything from the lighting to the clothing is so well put together. I especially love the detail of the wards and the red cape. To top it off, […]

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